TVZion Admit Bug Exist in Latest APK

tvzion bug

TVZion Admit Bug Exist in Latest APK

TVZion is one of the best APK to watch movies and TVShows for free TVZION 3.8

The latest APK of TVZion was recently released as version 3.8 stable release, this was released to the public after several Alpha and Beta were released.

The latest version seems to have new features and new links which made the APK allot faster than the previous 3.7.

Everyone was or is still very happy with the release and probably still OK, with it until the TV Zion developer reports a bug in the application.

TV Zion developer made everyone aware of the bug and also said that the bug might take close to a month to be fixed.

Issue tracking playback progress
Apparently, there is a tracking playback in the APK that causes many users issues. It didnt take much time after the report for the developer to reply and say that he is going to be working on a fix but will take several weeks to fix this

It seems there's a bug on the 3.8. This should have been found when I released the betas but unfortunately nobody reported this. The next update should be in 2-4 weeks when this should be fixed. Sorry about the bug.

Would you continue to use 3.8 APK or would you wait for the next fix.?


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