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Tvzion ShutDown

TVZion was The best Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime replacement program ever to be created free for the public. It took 7-month development to the new TV Zion official release. And 2 years of non-stop updates. With constant small and Makor updates on the APK, it made the developer the talk of the internet streaming world.  and Unlike other APKs which simple allow you to chose the source, the amazing Application was mostly known for information loaded Movies and TV Shows plus easy navigation and with easy auto select links. THIS WAS JUST AMAZING.

The Shutdown

TVZion has officially shut down. Several members of the team behind this streaming app have been reportedly served with cease-and-desist notices by global anti-piracy coalition Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment. the message went out

We don’t know what this means for the app in the long run but probably not good.

If you’re still using this app I would strongly suggest confirming that your VPN is running on your system so you are anonymous.

This morning (9/14/2020) we saw a lot of chatter on the Internet that TVZion is no longer working properly.

Shortly after seeing these discussions, the following appeared on their official Website.

Hi everyone.

Looking at the recent events, to protect the moderators, I have decided to shut down the app.

ZC members, thank you for your continued support all this time and I am truly sorry if I have let you down.

But we need to protect the moderators that have provided this community so much support selflessly for absolutely nothing in return and at least as the developer it is now my duty to return the favor and ensure their well being.

It has been such a pleasure to have you all as a community but it is time for me say good bye.

Will the Zion Club Members be Refund?

Their message outlined on their website above does not indicate whether or not members of their ZionClub will be refunded.

ZionClub was their premium service that provided additional tools and came without ads.  This was an inexpensive upgrade which cost $1.50 per month so current subscribers won’t be out a large amount of money if refunds aren’t issued.

TVZion Alternatives

Many of you will now be searching for a TVZion alternative.

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