Recently allot of users have complained that TVZion is getting slow or buffering messages, not to mention the recent FREEZE Messages until the movie starts playing again.

TVZion Developer had publick in regarding the Slow Hanging to everyone in order to see how to fix this this.

Slow/Hanging Advanced metadata

Advanced metadata is checked by downloading a small chunk of video and analyzing that data. Due to the nature of this feature, this is inherently slow. Performance depends heavily on:

  1. Your internet connection – For slow/throttled internet this feature will be extremely slow.

  2. File host server connect speed – Low quality free servers (Non debrid sources like Openload, Streamango, Clipwatching etc) are often slow. Servers will often limit number of concurrent connections or bandwidth which will render is feature slow.

  3. Bitrate of the file – Higher the bitrate, the longer it'll take 1 second worth of video to download. It also takes higher CPU performance to retrieve metadata from high bitrate files. For higher bitrate files this feature will be slow.

  4. Your device CPU – Video processing is an extremely CPU/GPU intensive task and hence available CPU power will also affect this.

  5. Debrid hoster links – Debrid hoster links are completely different that cached torrent links. Cached torrent links are already available on debrid services own servers, where as hoster links are downloaded on demand when requested, often times as you are streaming it. For hoster links, this features can be potentially slow, specially when requested in batches.

How number of resolver thread affects performance?

So say you have 10 threads enabled, that means, 10 videos are being downloaded simultaneously and then they are being played in the background to check metadata. Higher the threads, higher the bandwidth and CPU requirements.

After the above was published ,many feedback required further response from the DEV.

TVZion Dev published another message to respond to further questions sent to him regarding that last message.

Hi, this is the dev

As you can see I have mentioned multiple factors mentioned there. For you, if we completely discount throttled internet (some ISPs are known to throttle connections to RD) and RD limiting bandwidth usage, the likely reason would be these files have very high bitrate hence taking significant time to download. The reason you haven't experienced this earlier could be possibly the latest server update that added a lot of new high quality (high bitrate) hoster links. We have also added more hoster resolvers.

Note that hoster links work differently than cached torrent links. Cached torrent files are already downloaded to RD servers. Hoster links are retrieved on demand, and often times being downloaded to RD servers as you are streaming it.

Upon testing I found it doesn't completely freeze but it is slow as usual. As a user I understand your frustration, but as far as the technicalities go, I don't see a lot of scope to improve performance here I'm afraid. If it's 100% freezing only suggestion I have is see if disabling hoster links (RD options > Enable hosters > Off, Link filtering > Skip non-debrid links> On) improves performance to any degree.

If you have anything further to add leave a comment below for the DEV to see it .

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