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TVZION V3 APK gives you access to Free Streaming Movies and TV Shows, Plus include downloading option. TV Zion the only APK to have access to 4K  streaming Contents.

Named after the poplar ZION City in the Matrix Reloaded Film. TVZion developer stands firm to continue bringing HD and 1080 link in TVZION. TVZION v3 Bring you a new feature with access to 4K Movies, This makes TV Zion the first of many of apks to bring 4K content to end users for free.

The developer has showed interest that he will be upgrading the app soon to include all the poplar features that use to be in Terrarium TV APK Morpheus APK.

The APK includes Movies and TV Shows, The latest update to V3 is now gives you access to 4K Contents which is an impressive achievement so far



  • Streaming Movies
  • Streaming TV Shows
  • Streaming Anime

TVZION V3 Full feature list:

TVZION V3 Browsing experience

  1. Absolutely amazing UI

  2. Made for Android TV (That remote just works)

  3. Continue watching tiles on your Android TV home:Currently this feature is supported only Android TVs till Android Nougat. Nougat+ devices will be supported soon.

  4. All at home:Your TVZion home consists of endless scroll lists. Love Sci-fi? It's there, love Documentaries? It's there as well. Lists are endless, so you never have to leave the home 🙂

  5. Play random episodes in one click

  6. Easiest episode browser there is:TVZion automatically scrolls to the last episode when episode list is open. Continuous episode list, no need to select seasons. (But of course, you can if you want to)

  7. Watch list section
    Options available:

    1. All

    2. TV

    3. Movie

    4. With sort by A-Z, latest

  8. Special content sections in TVZion home:

    1. Up next section

    2. New in HD section

    3. Airing today section

    4. Recently aired section

  9. Filters:Filter content by genre, year filters with sort by popularity, release date options

  10. Customize thumbnail

  11. Change grid sizes

  12. Choose between poster/screenshot thumbnails

  13. Disable texts on thumbnails

  14. Trailers

TVZION V3 Streaming experience

  1. Subtitles

    1. See subtitle rating, verified user, download count

    2. Search by filename, IMDB Id, Movie/Episode name/edit name

  2. View list of links

    1. Automatically sorted by size

    2. Choose what happens when you click on links:Ask everytime, play, search subtitles, cast to TV, download

    3. Download links

    4. Open links with custom app, such as external downloaders

    5. Copy links

  3. Now you can hide the list of links for casual users. TVZion automatically searches for minimum number of links and plays the best one by size automatically.

  4. Auto play link

    1. Choose what happens when a link is auto played:Ask everytime, play, search subtitles, cast to TV, download

    2. Customize minimum number of links to resolve before Auto play

  5. Auto play next episode

  6. Automatically continue episode/movies where you left off

  7. In-built default player

  8. Chromecast

TVZION V3 External services

  1. Trakt

    1. Choose what to import from trakt.4 Options available to help you import just exactly what you want.

      1. Import everything

      2. Import history

      3. Import collections

      4. Import watch list

    2. Sync history on start up

    3. Auto check in

    4. Auto sync in app watch list +/- actions

  2. Real debrid

  3. External players (MX + VLC)

TVZION V3 Content

  1. Anime support

  2. 4k movies (subjected to availability)

  3. Google links (subjected to availability)

  4. 10+ Resolvers [More coming]

  5. 15+ Sources [More coming]


How to use TVZION V3 on your Fire TV

  1. First you need to make sure that you can install custom APKs. To do that, go here: Fire TV settings > My fire TV > Developer options > Unknown sources > Enable

  2. Make sure your Fire TV has Downloader and ES file manager app. If you don't, here is a easy way to install it.

    1. Go to Download App page (Make sure you are on the desktop version, if you are on phone, use your browsers “Switch to desktop version” feature to view the desktop version.

    2. Now, click on “Get the app” and make sure it says “Deliver to Fire TV” on the top.

    3. Do the same for Es file manager. If might give you a “Not compatiable” warning but you can ignore that.

    4. Your FireTV will start downloading those two apps and once they are installed proceed to next step.

  3. Go to Downloader app, type out that short link you found earlier and click download.

  4. Once it is downloaded it'll show you where it was downloaded (usually it's the sdcard/downloader/..), make a note of this location.

  5. How to go Es file manager app, and find that file, (Usually it's Local (on the left sidebar) > Home > Sdcard (on the folder list) > Downloader (on the folder list) and you will find the apk.

  6. If the apk is downloaded as .bin file, please rename the file to .apk. (To do that, you simply press and hold the ok button on the remote and rename option will appear at the bottom)

  7. Once the file is .apk, click on it, it'll prompt for installation, click install.

  8. Once installed you can find it on your app list.

Note: If app crashes, please go to Settings > Applications > Clear data & clear cache.

TVZION V3 Download link

Uninstall the previous app first

Link: Dropbox –






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