After the Shut down of my original Twitter account @hmemar. Which I can swear to you Twitter did unfairly.

Twitter decided to make internal polical BS and then though well if anyone violate it we should shut them down

My twitter account @hmemar was with me for over 10 years, I opened it when twitter was first formed. And they shut it down because they made a mistake.

Trying to talk to them is like try to wave  your hand on a fly that is annoying you and come to you in your face all the time.

So the only thing I thought to do is open the new Twitter account @hushammemar and start communicating to my fans again.

Twitter unfair behavoure was not only redstriced to me, but it was to everyone that is on twitter. never mind I helped and communicated and talked in my twitter like a normal person.

Twitter would rather F U in the back side and leave you, But .. lets be honest., This is not Twitter fault. IT IS YOUR FAULT THE PEOPLE THAT IS USING IT. Naming my self as well.

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