U + Movie Monthly Fee (Yu-Friix) – Movie Mid-Down

■ Released iPad version
– More movies on mobile, bigger on iPad!
– If you are using mobile, you can use it without additional charge!

■ Main Services

# 28,000 movies / series (mid / idol) / animation / kids

# Personalized snooping suggestions
– Movie recommendations that are more accurate and more accurate to use
– Frequently used floor of home screen is easy to use up

# Smarter, faster search
– Even if you do not enter your search terms,
– Various search suggestions like popularity, referral, and related search terms

# Support for mobile, pad, PC, TV
– You can watch movies from your mobile at home on your way to your PC / TV.
– Provides landscape mode for pads and homeboys.

# Various grounds to pick and care for
– Every week, new movies are updated.
– The most popular movie is 'Weekly Top 20'
– "Theme recommendation"

# Video plans and video portals (including TV Light products), U + Movie Weekly, U + TV Free for customers with monthly subscription

■ U + movie monthly premium premium

※ Theatrical release The latest movie is the lowest price! Listen unlimitedly with the most content
– After the release of the theater in six weeks, 400 latest movies are free! (Last update 70 ~ 80 times a month)
– 5,000 won per month (VAT not included) Theatrical release new movie Wuhan watching!
– You will be charged a separate fee when purchasing paid products

■ Customer Center Use Guide

1) Email contact: [email protected]
– NOTICE: Please be sure to include your mobile phone number when you email us.

2) Telephone inquiry: 1544-0010 / Mobile phone (LG U +) + 114
– Customer Center Hours: Mon-Fri / 09: 00 ~ 18: 00 (Weekdays and holidays are not available)

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