Virgin Media mega-deal includes FREE 4K TV and fastest fibre broadband

Virgin Media mega-deal includes FREE 4K TV and fastest fibre broadband

Virgin Media customers only have a few hours left to take advantage of a staggeringly generous deal from the broadband company that includes a free 43-inch 4K Smart TV from LG. If you don’t already own an Ultra HD television, this is a brilliant way to ensure that you can watch the latest 4K content on your Virgin Media TV V6 in the pixel-packed resolution – just as it was intended.

And even if you’re not tuning into Ultra HD content on your TV V6 box, lower resolution movies and television shows will be upscaled using LG’s nifty software, which is all made possible thanks to the quad-core processor that powers the set. The LG Smart TV also packs some fun features, like integration with both Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa. So, if you’ve lost your remote – or can’t be bothered to lift a finger – you can control the volume or change channels with your voice.

And finally, LG’s Smart TV includes Active HDR that optimises for every scene to deliver rich colour and deep blacks. The multi-HDR format, including HDR10 and HLG, is combined with a scene-by-scene adjustment system that upscales non-HDR content to the format. Virgin Media’s TV V6 set-top already supports HDR, something that Sky Q cannot match (and seemingly won’t be matching for some time!).

The free 43-inch Smart TV, which has an RRP of £329 – making it a pretty gobsmackingly good freebie, is available with two different bundles from Virgin Media. The Bigger Bundle + Movies and the Ultimate Oomph Bundle both include the free television. If you’ve already got more than enough TVs lying around the place, you can opt-out of the free TV. If you decide to do this, Virgin Media will include a free £150 credit that goes towards your bills. The money will be discounted from your first bill, with any remaining balance applied to subsequent bills.

Bigger Bundle + Movies (FREE 43-inch LG Smart TV)
With Sky Cinema HD, 250 channels, 108Mbps fibre broadband, free weekend calls
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Ultimate Oomph Bundle (FREE 43-inch LG Smart TV)
With Sky Sports HD, Sky Cinema HD, 270 channels, 516Mbps fibre broadband, unlimited SIM-only plan
2 Free Virgin Media TV V6 boxes • GET THE DEAL HERE

The Ultimate Oomph Bundle is ideal for sports fans – not only does it include Sky Sports HD, but it also comes with BT Sport in 4K Ultra HD as well. And Virgin Media TV V6’s set-top box also has an Amazon Prime app built-in, so you’re able to tune-in and watch any fixtures from the streaming service without juggling remotes to switch to different HDMI inputs.

You’ll also get the fastest fibre broadband speeds currently available in the UK. For reference, Netflix recommends 25Mbps to stream its highest Ultra HD resolution – and you’ll be getting average download speeds of 516Mbps. For those who aren’t good at maths, that’s much, much more. And more than enough for everyone in the house to be streaming in Ultra HD, playing multiplayer video games online, making FaceTime calls and chatting with voice assistants like Alexa without a hint of a stutter to buffer.

Virgin Media’s blockbuster new deal will end at 11.59pm on January 8, 2020. So, if you missed out on the chance to get a 4K HDR TV in the Black Friday or Boxing Day sales – this is your chance to get one for free. You’ll need to sign-up to a 12-month contract with Virgin Media to qualify for the deal and, of course, you’re only allowed one Smart TV per household.

Written by David Minister

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