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Protect Your Free Speech with the Best VPN

The U.S. DOJ has unconstitutionally demanded the data of political dissenters.

Your privacy shouldn’t be politicized, protect yourself with IPVanish.

Beginning Monday, August 21, through Wednesday, August 23, IPVanish will hold a limited-time sale.

The Top Tier VPN provider is offering the chance for new customers to save 50% on the purchase of an annual privacy plan. Proceeds from this promotion will be donated to the Electronic Frontier Foundation.


DreamHost vs. the United States DOJ

The Department of Justice is giving web-hosting company, DreamHost, a waking nightmare. The service is being forced to fight against a wide-reaching DOJ warrant demanding private information about millions of visitors to a specific website on their servers.

At the heart of the matter is the DreamHost domain: www.disruptj20.org/. This website organized political protests against the current President’s administration, protests which are constitutionally protected under the First Amendment. Despite a lack of justification, the DOJ is after the following information about visitors to www.disruptj20.org:

  • Email content
    • Outgoing emails and their recipients
    • Incoming emails and their senders
Personal Info
  • Personal information
    • Contact data for website owner(s)
    • Contact data for website administrators
    • Collected contact data from website visitors
  • Media
    • Site visitor photographs
    • Unpublished blog posts
    • Unpublished photo & video
  • Over 1.3 million visitor logs
    • Unique IP address
    • Date of site visit(s)
    • Time of site visit(s)
    • Frequency of site visits
    • Browser used to access the website
    • Operating system used to access the website
    • Incoming emails and their senders

Make no mistake – this is a chilling overextension of power by the DOJ. This type of government overreach for a protest website is NOT normal in a western democracy, and should NOT be tolerated. It directly undermines the freedom of association granted to Americans in the First Amendment, as well as the right to privacy afforded by the Fourth Amendment.

While the DOJ search warrant is disturbing, sadly, it is not surprising. Remember this administration has already eradicated ISP privacy protections. They also vehemently oppose net neutrality.

For their part, DreamHost is valiantly opposing this DOJ request, and IPVanish fully supports them in their efforts. We also support you in your freedoms of speech and assembly, and your natural right to privacy. Use IPVanish to protect your constitutional rights – take 50% off when you sign up for a 1 year IPVanish plan. But hurry, this offer ends August 23, 2017.

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