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In this guide, you will learn everything you need to know about Kodi and how to get started. I will provide you with all the tips and tricks and access to all the necessary resources you could need. With the help of this guide, you not only get introduced to Kodi, but you also know all the tools to start streaming free Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, Sports and more.


What is Kodi?

Kodi is an open-source, free media player. That’s the simplest and the aptest definition of this hugely popular app.

When you think of media player names like VLC cross your mind. Usually, the media players are used to play back the media from the local storage. Kodi can do that too. But, the true potential of Kodi is unlocked when you use it to play media over the internet and that too for free.

Yes, Kodi gives you free access to a host of content including shows, movies, live TV, sports and a lot more. All you need is the right Kodi addons. And, if you are looking to enhance your overall Kodi experience, you might want to try out Kodi builds too. We will talk about addons and builds in a while.

Kodi is compatible with nearly all the popular platforms. Some platforms host Kodi in their official App Stores (such as Android Smartphones, Android TV Boxes, Windows 10, etc). On others, it can be sideloaded easily (such as Amazon Fire Stick & Fire TV, Mac etc.). In fact, we will talk about installation in the next section.

How to Install Kodi

Installation process varies across devices. As I said, Kodi is available officially on some devices and on some it must be manually installed using the sideloading method. Here is a quick look:

Amazon FireStick, Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV, Fire TV Cube

These devices are pretty much the same in every aspect. Thus, the installation process of Kodi app is also the same.

Amazon does not host Kodi in its App Store. But, you can quickly sideload it on all the Fire TV line of devices. Here are our useful resources.

How to Install Kodi on FireStick

Android Smartphones, Tablets, Android TV & Android Boxes

All these Android devices come with built-in support for Google Play Services, including Google Play Store. Kodi is officially included in the Play Store.

Hence, all you need to do to install Kodi is download it from the Play Store if you are using any of these Android devices.

Windows PC & Xbox

Windows 10 & Xbox One: Kodi is officially available in the Microsoft Store for the Windows 10 users. Simply type ‘Kodi’ in Cortana and click the Kodi icon in the search results. Follow the on-screen instructions to install Kodi

Windows 8.1, Xbox 360 and older versions: You can download the installer from the official Kodi site kodi.tv/download. When you are on this page, click Windows.

Mac and iOS & Other Devices

For Mac, iOS and other devices go to the Kodi download page at kodi.tv/download and click the icon of your OS. For instance, click Mac OS for Mac and iOS for iOS.

A small window will pop up with the link to download the installer file. The window also has a How-To link that will take you through the guide to install Kodi on the selected OS in case you need any assistance.

How to Get Started with Kodi

Kodi does not host any content. Kodi is just a media player that simply facilitates content playback. You can play the media on your local storage via Kodi. But, as I already told you, that’s not what Kodi is best known for. Kodi is popular because it lets you play free videos and music over the internet.

To get started with Kodi, you need add-ons and builds.

Kodi Addons

Add-ons are the biggest contributors to the success of Kodi. These are the gateway to the huge world of free content on the web. Whether you like to watch movies and TV shows, satellite TV over the internet, or sports, it is the addons that will make it possible for you. In simple words, Kodi addons are absolute essentials for you to get started.

Kodi addons also do not host any content of their own. They are the aggregators that fetch the streams or streaming links from various sources on the internet.

You will find everything you need to know about addons on Fire Stick Tricks. Here are some of our best resources and How-to guides:

How to use Kodi

Best Kodi Addons

How to install any Kodi Addon

How to install Exodus Redux

How to install Neptune Rising

How to install The Magic Dragon

How to install Deathstar Addon

How to install Redemption Kodi Addon

How to install SportsDevil

Kodi Builds

Builds give a visual makeover to the Kodi interface. They change the way you interact with Kodi. These builds also come preloaded with popular and working addons, so that you don’t have to install them manually.

The Kodi builds eventually rely on addons for content streaming. Thus, one could say, they are the non-essentials. That’s not entirely untrue. You might get started with a bunch of addons and without any build. But, Kodi is just so much more fun with the builds. Even though it’s not mandatory, I personally recommend a Kodi build.

Not sure how to go about it? Don’t worry, we have everything to help you pick the right build. Here are some of our useful resources:

Best Kodi Builds

How to install Titanium build

How to install No Limits Magic build

How to install Durex Builds

How to install Kodi Collusion build

How to install One Nation Portal Builds

Is Kodi Legal and Safe?

Let me start by saying that Kodi is one hundred percent legal. And, it is also completely safe if you make sure you install addons and builds only from the trusted sources. All our resources and How-to guides cover only those addons and builds that are safe. We personally test every addon and build before sharing their installation instructions with you.

Kodi is legal and this claim is substantiated by the fact that it is included in Google Play Store and Microsoft Store. Trust me, that’s the litmus test not easy to pass.

But, when you are streaming free content using the Kodi addons, you might land into copyright troubles. What you do on the internet can be monitored by your ISP, your Government and even third-party entities. We do not encourage copyright violations in any capacity, but we are the strong advocates of your right to privacy.

Using a VPN is the best way to avoid any troubles while streaming free content. VPN will make sure your online activities are encrypted and kept away from the prying eyes.

How to install the best VPN for Kodi

How to Fix Kodi Issues

Having issues with Kodi? Don’t worry, we have you covered here as well. Kodi is a stable, trusted app. But, let’s accept this. It is a digital tool and even though Kodi issues are rare they are not unheard of.

Here are some resources that will help you get Kodi working trouble-free again:

Why Is My Kodi Not Working? Common Problems and Fixes

How to Fix Kodi Buffering Issues

How to Fix ‘Failed to Install a Dependency’ on Kodi

How to Check Kodi Error Log for More Information and Quick Fix

Wrapping Up

That’s the quick summary of all the important aspects of Kodi every user must be aware of before getting started. Every section of this guide is further elaborated through links to various useful resources. How has your experience been? We would love to hear from you.

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