Day in London with me – Taken the fans out in London

Day in London with me – Taken the fans out in London


Been around London Lately, taken my holiday and it been great, I have been with some of my Fans around London. Some of my subscribers arrived from around the world and we made a nice holiday time of it 🙂

As some of my youtube subscribers came to London I made sure we visit all of the London together and see what we can see.

It has been exciting, to say the least as I gave the camera to my subscribers to film me on the shopping and take photos of me

plus some times I get to see some really nice and ODD things…

Watching models in London naked on the street was the first video I made with my fans as we came to Oxford street in the morning around 8 am just after BOND street we saw a photo shoot of Models showing underwear as they been filmed for probably and what I could assume an underwear commercial. The girls were changing clothes and showing all sort of flesh right there on the pavement but must admit it was way too cold that day so the only thing that was going through my subscriber’s mind, HOW MUCH ARE THESE GIRLS GETTING PAID TO BE STANDING THERE? … lol


Part 1 of London video below was a collection of the photos that were taken of me and the things we bought from London.


There are some odd things in London, as I visited Madam Tissue where I got to see all the actors, China town where I saw Pikachu shouting Pikachu so I gave him a hug, the other new ODD thing was the Trafalgar square now has a THUMBS UP  status, And I have to admit, We didn’t think it was a thumb up when we were there.

I have been submitting daily pictures and odd things in my Snapchats as well, and upon completion of our trip with my wonderful subscribers, we will share all our videos here for you guys to see.

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More pictures and videos will be showing in my VLOG Channel.

I will be sharing all the pictures of the London visit as soon as it finishes 🙂

Update ,

Links to the pictures of London taken during the visit, which also includes some videos are all listed here

Husham Memar


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