New Repo URL

The Repo is one of the OLDEST Repo on the planet.

And yest it is still running

The repo might not be 100% ready but this is a new repo that I will be sharing for everyone 🙂

Pleas share this repo to everyone 🙂







  1. Hi husham hi had your repo on fire stick and now it wont let me do anything at all only a few of the add ons work and all system pages are blank screens

  2. Yo husham
    I4atv and stalker TV of iptv stalker on pays
    For iptv stalker Phoenix iptv stalker dieto TV addons

  3. I4atv is working stalker tv is working
    Salts Addons is working
    On the live show of quest:touchtone
    Ivue TV guide and renegades TV guide work

  4. Hi Husham… I got an issue with the repository no matter how I try I can’t update… The update is available but when I clicked on it nothing work.

  5. I live in Jamaica and I can get some of my local channels, cCloud gives me TVJ but I can seem to get CVM. I see it on Phoenix but it doesnt work. Can you suggest how i can view it?

  6. I can’t get live TV to work. I tried your m3u and nothing work. I click on a channel, it says working, then locks up.
    Do you have a working m3u as of 2-17-16.
    Thank you!

  7. Hi Husham
    I have issue with all the Arabic addons as none of them works at all, I am using kodi 16 on Android box, please tell me if there is a way to watch Arabic content (not live channels)

  8. openelec 6.95 fresh install on pi3 installed your repo installed the hwy mod skin reboot screen flashs on and off have to stick sd card in laptop and delete it from addon data to boot again any help pls? really have loved this skin since it came out. openelec and jarvis are really getting under my skin lol

  9. I noticed that you have more than 1 build in your wizard

    I have 2 builds, they are the same but with different skins, I install 1 for some members of the family and a simpler 1 for others, can you tell me how to add more than 1 build into the wizard, I used your wizard tutorial to create mines.

      • Thanks. I have managed to make a wizard and I have credited you in it, when i tried to make another wizard for a different build i managed to get the addon to install but wouldnt let it access the addon, I changed the name, pointer file and build download location. It looked the same as the wizard that works but nothing. Cam you look at my original wizard?

  10. Installed your Husham IPTV video addon last night and it was working fine, now today when I try to open it it fails to open and says “Husham IPTV live TV error” is there issues for everyone or just me?

  11. اخ هشام .ممکن فیکس شاهد لانە 80 % لا یعمل القنوات مع جزیل الشکر

  12. Hi Husham just installed iptv.husham on my firetv stick. I need help. do if really need an account ??/\?? What is the code / and or where do I enter the code to unlock adult movies ? etc. I Love the look …background and all. before that I had that plain blue screen.

  13. Hi I have been trying to add the repo I have written exactly as you have. Then when I go to install from zip I select it and then it shows there is nothing in the zip.

  14. Husham my friend keep up the good work you’re shit is tight. I’m just waiting to be on one of the addons and see Husham doing a porno LMAO 🙂

  15. I keep getting a message that says (Critically Low storage) every time I try to use husham. This has only happened since I uploaded the new update for husham and It is happening to my brothers as well. It pops up every few minutes and kicks me out of anything I am watching. I checked my storage and I have plenty of space. It is telling my to remove applications but the only ones I have are the ones it came with other then kodi. What do I do

  16. I am using Jarvis 16.1 and a Mac computer. I go to file manager then add source and type it in correctly but when I go to addons and try to install the repo it says zip cannot be installed? Any help would be appreciated. Works great on Fire stick

  17. Hey Husham, just installed Playlist Loader Husham2015 it says to contact you which i am doing.Thanks John.

  18. Hey, there. Will you be updating Confluence Hwy2015 skin to allow more addons? It seems Krypton 17.0 broke that skin. I installed Krypton on my OSX El Capitan-running Mac and there was an error saying some dependencies weren’t met. Your modified Confluence the best skin I’ve ever used. I’m so used to having those 25 spots for video addons. I have all those spots filled. I hope you’ll be able to update that Confluence Hwy skin for Krypton 17.0. Many thanks. You’re doing a great job.

  19. Hello Husham, I noticed that the old Arabic movies addon is been stopped or updated. Could you please advice if the update is completed as I prefer the old version as movies and series are organized in good way. Please let us know. Thank you

  20. Are you working on a Confluence modified skin for Kodi 18 similar to your HushamConfluence skin for Kodi 17? Most users do not like Estuary.

      • Thank you for responding and taking action. Installed the modified Confluence Skin on Kodi 18 Alpha on Windows 7 Pro. Only discrepancy noted is that PROGRAMS shortcut tiles position 4 and above do not appear unless the mouse hovers over their location. The discrepancy occurs for all MUSIC shortcut tiles. Strangely, all VIDEOS shortcut tiles are not affected. I can live with that. Thank you again. It’s a real time saver.

      • I spoke too soone regarding Husham Confluence Kodi 18. Configuration screens are all messed up. Had to return to Confluence.

  21. Husham your confluence skin for 17.6 is acting weired
    Can not have access to hit yes or no. Can not see the downloading process for links. Fix it pleaseeee god bless

      • I uninstal And Instal confluence for kodi 17.6 interested in short cut I can get the short cut but. Something missing when downloading links you can not see their progress
        Or be able to choose yes or no Thank u

    • I’m using HushamConfluence on Kodi 17.6 on all platforms. No discrepancies noted. Also using Husham Confluence Kodi 18 on Kodi 18 alpha x64 on Windows 7. Only discrepancies noted are PROGRAMS short cut tiles position 5 & above only appear when mouse hovers their location. This also occurs on all MUSIC shortcut tiles. I can live with this. Thank you for responding to my request for a releasing a Confluence mod for Kodi 18.

  22. It’s crazy something is wrong with confluence for 17.i can add video short cut. But downloading link will not appear
    Hitting any remote button act weired. It has been since you added to confluence 2018
    Since that moment 17.6 is screwed up hhh. Sorry. God bless you

  23. Husham are you ok ?
    Is this going to take a year or something. Come on u are smart enough to make it work buddy hhhhh. Just Becuz I like your stuff that’s why

  24. BE CAREFUL DOING BUISNESS WITH MEMAR HUSHAM OR ANY SITE WITH WHICH HE IS AFFILIATED! He’s a liar and a crook who threatens to block paying customers seeking help if they don’t “talk nice” to him. He unilaterally cancels accounts without refunding fees paid.

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