Best IPTV Services – IPTV Company Lists

Best IPT List 2020

Best IPTV Services – IPTV Company Lists

Many of you always ask about which IPTV company you should buy to start cutting the cord and save MONEY, and which country does that company support. I have decided to compile this list of IPTV Company Lists a long time ago and always update it from time to time with the latest TRUSTED IPTV Company Lists. This is not an easy task considering each one of the IPTV companies out there are resellers or owners of big categories of Live TV channels. In this post, you will find IPTV Service Providers by languages listed or IPTV Lists by County, The list of IPTV companies listed here is all tested with FIRESTICK, NVIDIA SHIELD STICK, WINDOWS 10 PC, SMART IPTV and most importantly.

All Channel list that posted here has been generated by personally by extracting the M3U files. Any Channel listing not available is because they PROVIDE FREE TRIAL TO TEST.

I would like to ask everyone that knows these servers or knows more or even need more help on these servers to leave a comment in the Forum for IPTV companies and share their experience with that IPTV company. This is to help other users with the search for a better IPTV list.

If you are an IPTV company and want your list to be shared in this list. Then must review your service first so do get in touch with us using the contact page.

2nd November 2020 – The list is updated again with the latest prices

IPTV Companies List below

Arabic IPTVArabic IPTV

  • Rambo IPTVchannel list
    • 1 Month $10 US Dollars
    • 3 Months $30 US dollars
    • 6 months $50 us dollars
    • 12 months $80 us dollars



Spanish / Latin IPTVBrazil Latin IPTV

IE Ireland / Irish IPTVIrish IPTV

African IPTVAfrican IPTV

Turkey IPTVTurkey IPTV

Canada IPTVcanada iptv

India / Pakistan IPTVIndia Pakistan IPTV flag

CZ – Czech Republic IPTVCzech Republic IPTV Flag

DE – German IPTVGerman IPTV

French IPTVFrench IPTV

PL – Polish IPTVPolish IPTV

Thailand IPTVThailand IPTV

Kurdish IPTVKurdish IPTV

Albania IPTVAlbania IPTV


Brazil IPTVBrazil IPTV

Hungary IPTVHungary IPTV

Romanian IPTVRomanian IPTV


Russia IPTVRussia IPTV

MacedoniaMacedonia IPTV

BulgariaBulgaria IPTV


Portugal IPTVPortugal IPTV

ArmeniaArmenia IPTV

BelgiumBelgium IPTV Flag

ChinaChina IPTV



Greek IPTVGreek IPTV

Indonesia IPTVIndonesia IPTV



Japan IPTVJapan IPTV

Korea IPTVKorea IPTV Flag

Netherlands IPTVNetherlands IPTV

DenmarkDenmark IPTV

Sweeden / SwedishSweeden - Swedish IPTV


PhilippinesPhilippines IPTV

  • View JunkyChannel list
    • 3 Day Pass $10 US dollars ( 2 devices )
    • 1 Month $20 US Dollars ( 2 devices )
    • 1 Month $28 US Dollars ( 3 devices )

BahamasBahamas IPTV


NorwayNorway IPTV


AfghanistanAfghanistan IPTV

Sports IPTVSports IPTV

All the above will provide sports links but languages will be different depending on the service

If you know any more then leave them in a comment below and what country they are in

I shall list more in future.


Adult XXX Channelsadult IPTV xxx

Not all IPTV Services contain XXX channels but here are the ones that do


  1. Hi if im using iptv on perfect player on droid box with ip vanisk in the uk scotland. Which server/country should i use as im not sure on this matter many thanks in advance jeff any tips would be great and whether a paid vpn is worth it or orbit would work or other free vpns? Orbit is supposed to be used by the navy for encrypting so ive read. And can anyone tell me why looping occurs they say might be box but it is high dd3 and ram or rom tx mini 3 that should be plenty only notice buffering on 4k with 14.4 mb bband cheers guys and gals

  2. Helpful videos on YouTube, thanks! Can you tell me which IPTV services are compatible with STB Emu pro and provide catchup feature? Thanks again!

  3. Hi. I live in Czech republic.. and I like smarters iptv pro… and want have code for one year but have canals Czech and Slovakia.. how much the price? And If I want one code for 3 box tv? Is the same price or…?

  4. i only want to buy online US Sport Channels but i have a Midleware with 300 user. i need those channels with 100 connectios. do you Know who sales tv for resellers?

  5. Hi,
    Thank you for trying to help the community. My own interest lies in Swiss TV channels. Is it possible to get these as I do not see them listed on your pages.
    Secondly some advise on hardware please. Which way is best to watch content on TV? IPTV box like MAG (which model amongst all they have) or ANDROID box etc.

  6. Looking o buy direct from a iptv server. can you supply top 5? want to skip the middle man. for example Spartan. is this a good server/

    • i think you find quick response via the as many can reply to you

      It all depends what you want. Spartan I tested it and removed it from the list.. not my type.. I rather go with Ace TV or Saphire .. they have the same

  7. Hi Husham, I have Vision Clever 4 mini box that i get my IPTV with but i don’t know how to add IPTV Starters pro app is there anyway you can help me out with a tutorial video and usb link? Thank you in advance

  8. What is the best IPTV box to use? something better than MAG from infomir
    user-friendly, fast and heavy duty

  9. Hey Husham;

    Need the url for french channels. The providers you listed above advised to use another app (soplayer) since they don’t provide url or m3u files. you support is much appreciated. Cheers

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