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Below I set up a special IPTV Links based on websites that I find worthy with updated information around the web so you can search the web easily with M3U or Live tv links.
I will be adding more sites to this very soon

I shall be improving this more and more by adding more result pages and more information soon.

Just search something believe as if you are searching google and make sure you select relevance to date so you can get the new info links 🙂




    • salam
      i need software to install in kodi to make search and update uatomatically for live tv m3u list can u guide me pls
      thanks for ur effort

  1. ok memar tks. will try it.
    bezides I like your explenations and wizzard very much.
    every day I learn step by step.
    soon I get the zidoo x6. are you curios about the details and the way it works? I am glad to be of any assist.

  2. please hush am realy realy need your help i cant find any m3u list that doesnot change after 30 sec i dont know what is wrong the problem with every media player please help me

    • This is also my problem. It happens in VLC or KODI on my PC and also on my Android box KODI for my TV. I cannot find a solution, no one seems to know. We cannot be the only people with this problem, so why no solution?

    • Enable loop in vlc if it is still doing it then it’s either a shit service or there are more on the cunnection than allowed when this happens the server detects and kicks you out.

  3. It works!
    However i see m3u but every 3 min connection go down so i must use vlc with “replay one” and see with a lot of loading. Can i see m3u without loading?



    • man.. i wish you guys post in the right post.. does this post have anyhting to do with iptvbuddy. NOO.
      ok now that we got that out of the way.. iptvbuddy is not my website and i have no clue whats happening

  5. Hello Bros,

    can someone help me find an working m3u list für Arabian channels? i would even pay money, but all i can find is already down.

  6. can i get a instruction on adding a working channel list url M3U to samrt iptv app? can i just copy one of the pastebin links or is there more toit? any i copied to date have connectionerror:((

  7. I watched your video regarding adding the raw maintenance tool. However after I add the zip file, and start to open it, there are no files in it. on the video it shows lots. I need the maintenance tool so badly. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong.

  8. Hallo,kannst Du mir bitte die aktuelle türkische und bulgarische live tv Sendungen bzw.M3u senden .Ich bezahle natürlich.

  9. Hi can the Firestick be used for IPTV? Would this device suffice? From where can one add South Indian channels to watch from Firestick?


  10. hi

    i am from germany i have iptv app in my samsung smart tv i dont kanow how to work indian tv chenals plz you have m3u liks is it work to iptv app.

    thank you

  11. As you know Samsung has already removed the smart iptv app from the app store. It no longer exists. I tried to download the file in usb and extract the programs then paste on tv. My TV is Samsung and smart with UE48 model so it should install automatically when you insert the usb memory. But it’s not possible, when I follow your description.
    I have also manually tried to install files but it does not work. I’m very disappointed. Can you please help me how to fix it?

    Thanks in advance!
    Kind regards

  12. HELLO MY NAME IS Aquiles Cabral, im struggle to put my link iptv on my tv (samsung UE55RU7020) could you help me plz.
    my contact nr is 00447549769513 send me message by watsup

  13. Hi Husham,
    Firstly pray you and your dear ones are safe and healthy. Have been following your videos , great content, very well explained, makes it easy to load and use. Many thanks for all your efforts. This content of yours is dated Feb 14, 2016….. its 5 years old, why not remove content completely that is over a year old, as you too will agree that a lot has changed over 5 years, or for that matter even over 1 year
    Thanks, keep up the good work

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