Many of you keep asking me how to install KODI and what is the best picture of KODI and how to fix this or that. So I decided to give you the best steps possible for you all and by making a step by step install KODI.

Install Guides on devices

Ok, Guys, let's get down to it. Installing KODI is very easy if you follow the instructions below.




Smart TV



Also if you wish to know how to install Builds then click here for the full steps on all the popular builds 

Also made videos for you to enjoy how to use these guides

How to install a build in Android Devices



How to install a build for Firestick




For the Windows Guides them you can see every day on my Youtube channel or you can use the below




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Husham Memar



  1. Mr. Husham,
    Thank you for all you do with your video instructions. I cousin introduced me to the AMAZON TV STICK and I introduced him to the AMAZON TVBOX. My cousin at first installed KODI 16.0 on my FIRE STICK he gave me. After watching him install and update KODI a few times I was able to do it myself after a few trial and errors. I noticed that the last KODI I installed came with Ares PULSE. With the Skin Estuary and I could change that to AEON NoQ. Once I made the necessary changes I noticed that the skin popped up but it was naked of the video add-ons. I guess I’m not smart enough to know what to do at this point. Could you or would you point me in the right directions please. I would really appreciate the help. Also sometimes I’m overwhelmed with all the information being posted. Would it be possible to remove or delete some of the old obsolete builds that are no longer in use, so I don’t have to shift through all the information out there? I also liked TEVERZ, but it doesn’t work with KODI 18.0. Any ideas?
    Thank you for your time reading this lengthy message. Have a good day!

    • no worry i understand

      1 – remove kodi 18 until it become the offical stable one and dont believe anyone telling you that it is working
      kodi 18 is not working yet it is in alpha stages

      2 – install kodi 17.4 or what ever is the latest steps i showed here in the video guide just for kodi for firestick / fire tv if thats what you want

      3 – the builds is a night mare, they keep changing but the urls or address always the same so removing them is not an option at the moment because despiate they might stop working for android for example they could work for windows and if they are made for fire stick then they wont work for windows
      this is a builder issue that most are dealing with these days
      check out the builds here in the builds section, I will try to put the latest on the top or update everyone with the latest video of the best ones in my chanel or here I will post a link for everyone

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