Free Products from Amazon in Exchange for Good Honest Reviews

Free Products from Amazon in Exchange for Good Honest Reviews

  1. Do you have an Amazon account?
  2. Do you do reviews on Amazon?
  3. Do you give your honest openionof the product that you purchased in an amazon review?

If your are answer was yes to all the aboe then you might need to join NoodleCampus

I recently joined NoodleCampus and my first task has gone very smoothly. I did a P&O task, which meant I purchase the required product from Amazon, then completed the task by reviewing the product on Amazon. I then received the full cost back into my PayPal account.  There are also O&P tasks, for which you complete the task then get paid.

I have been reviewing many items from Noodle Campus for some time now, getting allot of products for free to review them with my honest openion

I dont think the subject needs more information on this, signup to Noodlecampus now.

I will answer any questions below

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  1. Amazon reviews with Amazon prime makes the job so simple
    I have amazon prime and my delivery is very fast, this make the job easy to review quickly as I get the products delivered faster and free as well 🙂
    any question, feel free to leave me a question here

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