It is apparent that  some people decide to take too far and by  that I mean they decide to create the multiple twitter account, multiple facebook account and start attacking developers / listers / youtube creators and not to mention anyone that doesn't go along with their ideology.

Enough is Enough, The people harassing others in twitter and youtube has now been felt, there is no better word to identify their action apart from TERRORIST ACTION.

Just because a video addon is not to your liking or someone doesn't talk the way you talk then you make them be the bad people. We have seen it before. People have been trying to help pushed far away because of someone that think they are better than them. Some that have to allot of twitter followers or twitter now decided to attack some few folks just for the fun as it was called in the past the DRAMA of KODI, the other side of the coin is that these people that call them self DRAMA FREE yet they bring Drama to others, Constat fighting among Twitter and Facebook has only one action. HURTING REAL PEOPLE. These people whether they are developers or twitter fans they are now just attacking other users for the fun of it.




Some even come from within the community itself, attracting conversation such as “I am not a hater and I am just trying to help”. “YouTubers make money off KODI but I am here in twitter making nothing”. These darn remarks are outrageous. well, be happy, because you just want your team to be the number 1 and these haters or better words terror group that I call KOD Terror Group is now pushing allot of people of helping the community.

Over the last few weeks, we have seen devs leaving the community and moving on. This is only due to no small action of people that don't stand together and talk.


Image result for sad days


We now have several people leaving the seen and have reverted back to the shadows, instead of to continue talking to people. This has been causing by sad one or two days of constant bickering at each other in twitter and others in the community that has made life unbearable to some.


Is Twitter Evil?




Absolutely NOT. Twitter is a social media, and users have the right to speak no matter what. End users are allowed to have their say whether it is childish or not. However, users that get a large following has a responsibility to keep their MOUTH saying the truth and not to stair “lack of better word” SHIT. Because when you saying something Negative you start a whole regime of tasks of people attacking you and you attacking others and then your followers attack others too. So your best bet. When you don't have anything good to say. SHUT IT.

evil twitter 2

Especially in the KODI community, you are only attacking people that came for the purpose of helping others. If you want to help to talk to others then THATS WHY TWITTER CREATED DIRECT MESSAGING and you can help each other by talking it out.




The Solution




Twitter / Facebook followers have the right to their say, After all, it wouldn't be the internet. Famous people always get attacked in twitter in twitter, Their response is always “………” absolutely nothing. This seems to work for all the famous people.


They only respond to twitter to others when they feel it is good for them and/or for others. If it wasn't for such silly actions of people attacking then we can invite MOVIE stars to dinners or Astronauts to discuss the next mission to MARS, or simply ask your love of your life to be on twitter.

That's not how it is these days. Although it should be but the truth is, We are a large community among a larger community, The users of the web will have nothing to better to do then use the KEYBOARD WARRIOR STYLE AND ATTACK YOU ( KEYBOARD WARRIOR  users behind the keyboard sitting at home with no real job and joules of others that are working)  , Sometimes it is just FUN for them.



So the solution has been always easy for most of the big stars when they get a lot of these negative remarks and negative comebacks. IS TO IGNORE THEM.

This is an issue that the KODI community have. OPEN SOURCE has attracted a lot of end users, and some are just behind a keyboard and some would like to help and listen to others before they implement the code. So ignoring them is not that easy at first when going on to twitter or facebook.

It is a learning practice and you will face a hard time until you get to know who your friends are. Trouble is sometimes even your suppose to be friends are not your friends and they are always talking behind your back. So there is no winning this right.

Wrong, to have a permanent solution you will just need to know why you started this. To help end users whether they want to admit it or not, we all appreciate your help, don't be discouraged by small thoughts but only your big action can move the direction. We are here to help each other, I am writing this because I feel ashamed from some direct users that I use to call them friends but I know now after much deliberating of known who and what to trust that I have to make due by feeling that I talk to the end users directly by helping them in any way I can, and I just ignore any negative remarks. Users who started negative remarks are now regretting it because the negativity can take over their life and people around them see it. so they will revert back to normal human beings one day after they know that there is no response to negative comments from anyone to what they are saying.

If you bring something nice to the community, Stop listening to people of doomsayers and people that don't help you complete your end goal. Ignore them and keep doing your thing. We are all different and we are always going to be different and that is what makes us flat out right the best of what we are. WE WILL NEVER BE ALL THE SAME so there is bound to be people that are afraid of new things when you bring something new.


And even when the above if someone tells you to stop. Then think of this, if you are helping just 1 person then you have made contributions that're worth it,







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  1. Well Said Husham ,i have a lot off respect for you guy’s for all your time and effort in all you do for the community end user’s ,

    thank’s Again Billy

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