Realdebrid END!

Red Alert Realdebrid

Is realdebrid Dying?

Realdebrid has had a great run in allowing people to use torrent fast and streaming contents at amazing speed. The Realdebrid is a paid service that is been used by so many people now with in the KODI, Firestick and Android community.

Realdebrid has had a big following in Twitter, Facebook and much more developers have started making KODI Addons and APKS just to stream with Realdebrid.

Realdebrid RED Alert

Realdebrid Red alert

The picture above was posted is been posted by the developers of TV Zion showing that there is a major problem with their ZION service which is a paid service that requires users to have realdebrid in order for it to work.

This is a serious problem and is affecting many other users on the Streaming community that have been dependent on Realdebrid.

Is Corona Virus the cause?

I posted a while back that Realdebrid is going to stop and might not be able to handle the pressure because of Corona Virus

My article was clear. and I warned that Realdebrid servers not going to handle the pressure.

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What shall I do now?

It is good to note that Realdebrid has managed to bring back their service for now.

The way I see it since realdebrid now affecting everyone, it's back the old ways of streaming with VPN in order to get good streams and less buffering that your internet provider is blocking you.

Which VPN to use to get my self going again?

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