Spooky Torrent Warns EZTV Users About “Huge Security Risk”

Spooky Torrent Warns EZTV Users About "Huge Security Risk"

EZTV, one particular of the key destinations for Television set-minded torrent customers, is distributing a fairly disturbing video on its site. By plastering a list of dozens of IP-addresses in the most recent episode of Lucifer, the encoder warns EZTV users that the web site is a huge stability risk.

For much more than a 10 years EZTV has been a greatly regarded manufacturer amid a lot of BitTorrent users and acknowledged as just one of the most important Tv-distribution groups.

When the authentic EZTV shut down following a hostile takeover, the individuals who took around are nonetheless serving torrents to hundreds of thousands of people just about every month.

Usually talking, EZTV can take releases from outdoors encoders which they then distribute with their personal nametag. It is been like this for many years and has by no means brought on any true issues.

Last week, on the other hand, a disturbing launch was extra to the website, sending a concept to EZTV consumers. What appeared to be a standard launch of Lucifer S03E19, turned into some thing darker.

10 minutes into the episode, a red warning seems, telling viewers that EZTV.ag is a enormous safety hazard.

Big Security Risk

All over the relaxation of the episode, a couple dozen IP-addresses seem plastered across the monitor. Useless to say, this helps make the program rather unwatchable.

In accordance to the earlier concept, these IP-addresses are “used on EZTV.ag.” This appears to counsel that the website has a leak someplace except if it refers to IP-addresses of downloaders, which are community anyway.


It is tough to grasp what is definitely heading on right here and there is no immediate proof that the website has been breached in any way. Not straight at the very least.

At the stop of the episode, a last information appears, including to the intrigue. The information comes from the encoder DeXoX and features up a total IP-address databases, electronic mail addresses of registered EZTV consumers, and a lot more.


Again, we have not been in a position to confirm the validity of these promises but it is unquestionably not good PR for EZTV. The spooky torrent has been downloaded by 1000’s of persons now and is continue to listed on the web site many days immediately after 1st showing up.

We are not common with DeXoX, but it appears that the person powering the handle is not a fan of EZTV.ag, to say the least.

It remains unclear how the torrent was additional to the website. It could be that the EZTV site has in fact been breached in some way, or DeXoX has entry to the website where EZTV sources its material. In any event, the release page or the internet site alone contains no warnings, only the video clip itself.

Written by David Minister

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