DBMC is an XBMC,SPMC or KODI fork for Android devices


DBMC is an XBMC,SPMC or KODI fork for Android devices


DBMC is a KODI fork developed by DroidBOX and you have heard me mention it several times lately in many of my videos. In fact, there has been a rise of people mentioning it everywhere.

Unlike most forks, this was developed to make sure you enjoy your Media Center Experience. Optimized for Addons and Wizards alike to work,  Youtubers and Users have actually welcome the idea of other media center forks for a while now and wanted to know if this will make sure that this does not interrupt their user experience, the issues some users have been having with Android devices that KODI is so overloaded with many different works but don't get to see some things easily after installing KODI and are forced to look for URL's or Addons or wizard.

Meet DBMC to the rescue

Unlike normal APP Fork Mentality, that we release a fork just to have it working the same as KODI, DBMC comes preset with URLS for you to use for later stage install addons without adding further issues to it.

URL's such as TDB Repo and Husham Repo among others is been added to the file manager as soon as you install .  This really gives the user experience a step forward to move on.

This is android FORK, And I thought to myself, what devices would best work with this apart from the usual standard spec android devices, well it turn out that DBMC works on most devices and not restricted to work on DroidBOX's own devices, completely makes this fork made for best user experience.

  1. Devices list that will work on this

And Much more, (Test it on your Android Device and place comment below )

Speed in DBMC is also fantastic as it brings the best of the KODI and SPMC both in one Fork.

After speaking to DroidBOX, I asked them if they are willing to share the link for users to download it. They said they are planning to make a new page have users download the fork.

Mean time the DBMC 16.3 APK file can download it here, Keep an eye on DroidBOX website while they release the new KODI DBMC link.

Thanks to the development of KODI, SPMC and DBMC to work together to bring this excellent forks.

DBMC is not the only other Media Center FORK that is available you

Other Forks you might be interested in but I have not tested are


Other Media Center Apps ( KODI works)


Application Description Download the APK
SBSMC 16.4.2
A Media Center (Forked from Kodi)
Get It Here
 DBMC 16.3 A Media centre (Forked from SPMC) 

Be on the look out for me and other YouTubers to make videos for DBMC and other forks soon.

Husham Memar


  1. Will DBMC work on a Minix neo64 with an Intel chip? I’ve tried other forks without success, or would you have any other suggestions.

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