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With some saying that es file explorer blocked on firestick, which i have not tested to be honest.

ES file explorer might be quick but i found that the old method has always been a good step to make sure thag the firestick always installs kodi.

Im wrtiing this article because users still asking me is the fire stick still going to be avalible to have kodi installed.

Users been worried since the first day they releised that ES file explorer could be blocked to install kodi by amazon.

Ok even so that is true or not i rather use my old secure method and safe. Hasnt been blocked bu amazon yet.

Im talking ofcourse is installing kodi with adb fire. The method works. 

And i can safley install differnt apks and more.

Including adding kodi to the main screen (depending on firmware) and root the firestick where needed and many more 

adbLink is a companion program for all devices running Android Kodi.
Install Programs without Android SDK

ADB/Fastboot enabled command-line

Busybox for root and non-root

Extensive Hyperlinked Help

Built-in WIFI/USB remote

Move Kodi data to external drives

Manage devices via USB or IP address

Manage multiple Android devices at once

Custom Cache Support for Kodi Video

adbLink database supports unlimited devices

Extensive logging routines

Built-in Log File Viewer

Checks online for program updates

Install/Uninstall Apps

Backup/Restore Kodi data

File Management features

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