Fast Movies APK


Fast Movies APK

New APK to provide Movies in a very FAST streaming.


The Fast Movies Apk has much potential, it seem to work best for users with Android Smart phones, Although it will work for Android TV BOXs or Firestick and NVIDIA Shield as well. The Fast Movies Apk seem to fetch the stream and just plays after you click Watch NOW 

Fast Movies apk also seems to gives the user option to play using different players including VLC also you can select with its own built in player which seems to work fine to be honest.

Fast Movies seem to have a search box to search for Movies. Guess this will make the movies fast :).


The fast movies apk seem to be losing out on some features that we miss in others APK, such as Realdebrid, Subtitles and TV SHOWS.

I am still hopeful however to see that in future with in this APK


Fast Movies is a BROWSER, customized and preconfigured to search the PUBLIC web to find the latest released movies and fetch their respective best quality streaming links available to watch and download.

Fast Movies includes built-in powerful video player, supports VLC and MPV media players, and lets you open streaming link using any external application installed on your device.

* Fast Movies does NOT host any content on private servers.
* All of the content provided here is available to the public and can be accessed via a web browser and Internet connection.
* Fast Movies is not related to any kind of hard-coded offers included in some movie videos.

Download link

Download using this link below which is a rotating link to download from the first available link.

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  1. Looks good but some sections can’t open with me . a video tutorial would be nice. Thanks for adding these great selection of apps.

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