Latest Denuvo Anti-Piracy Protection Falls, Cracker ‘Voksi’ On Fire

Latest Denuvo Anti-Piracy Protection Falls, Cracker ‘Voksi’ On Fire

Just after preserving Assassins Creed Origin for the past various months, previously this calendar year version 4.9 of the notorious Denuvo anti-tamper procedure was defeated by Italian cracking team CPY.

While all cracks of the hard and repeatedly establishing Denuvo program are welcomed by pirate individuals, this a person was specifically sweet, getting also defeated Ubisoft’s determination to use VMProtect technologies on best. Shortly following, Bulgarian cracker Voksi, who beforehand defeated version 4, released a video displaying how things have been carried out.

Unlike CPY, Voksi is a instead more significant-profile individual. Although his real identity is recognised only to people closest to him, he has turn into considerably of a folk hero on many cracking-targeted forums, participating in dialogue with lovers and speaking about the latest developments.

This week, Voksi announced the passing of nonetheless yet another milestone, one that’s sure to disappoint the individuals at Denuvo. Soon after sinking endless hours into what he brazenly admits is a individual grudge versus the company’s technological know-how, Voksi unveiled that its most current v4.9++ security had fallen.

Speaking with TorrentFreak, Voksi claims that after tackling earlier variations, a minor although again he began dissecting the newer 4.7/4.8 builds (not formal Denuvo versions but a numbering technique applied by the cracking scene).

“Man, it seemed unachievable again then. The obfuscation was insane, I experienced no idea what to do. So, about the future two months, with tiny breaks from time to time, I was examining exactly how [Denuvo] does individuals hardware checks,” he notes.

“Then I tried out my tips for 4.7 on 4.8, but one thing wasn’t quite ideal. It was way much more obfusticated and had some odd styles and I could not figure out why it was like that. Soon enough although in June issues commenced to improve.”

Voksi claims that he tackled numerous game titles with take a look at cracks, with variants operating on older and more recent CPU generations for most people. He then came up with a new theory but required a activity to examination it on.

“So I downloaded Puyo Puyo Tetris. I assumed ‘it’s smaller activity, it’d be simpler to analyze’, but oh no no,” he claimed.

“The activity executable is 128MB huge, of which just 5-6MB is the real sport code. The rest of it is Denuvo. It is the most bloated Denuvo I have ever found.”

Yet, Voksi acquired to operate and crafted a crack and implemented patches (including his new code) centered on the new idea. Twelve hours afterwards there was one thing to celebrate, with a crack functioning for the extensive greater part (about 99%) of users. But that would not be the end of it, he promised.

Legitimate to his term, this 7 days Voksi declared that he’d defeated the Denuvo protection on Injustice 2, a little something that was met with jubilation on Reddit’s /r/crackwatch sub. He informs TF that his new strategies shipped the merchandise after all over again.

“I cracked it the similar way I cracked Puyo Puyo Tetris. I don’t want to get also complex, simply because I really don't want to give absent my techniques, but I can say it is not an straightforward activity,” he says.

“I cracked Injustice 2 in 10 several hours. The activity has personalized protection on top of Denuvo and some good anti-debug features.”

What will come next for 21-calendar year-aged Voksi remains to be found but specified his perseverance, other game titles are in all probability getting labored on appropriate how. He states that a number of other titles use 4.9 or 4.9++ safety so it is doable he’ll have extra surprises in the times and months to arrive.

“In the finish, it may possibly take some much more screening and test cracks, but I’m extremely delighted to announce that I won’t quit until eventually we are Denuvo Cancer Free from all games,” he concludes.

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Written by David Minister

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