My Studio with Arrowzoom Foam Fireproof Soundproof Recording Studio

My Studio with Arrowzoom Foam Fireproof Soundproof Recording Studio

Any recording studio now days need to have a recording sound proofing added to its wall, Arrowzoom offer the BEST Soundproofing FOAM style offered on the market these days.

With all different Designs and shapes, Arrowzoom will guarantee to make your studio soundproofed with style.

Arrowzoom Foam are also fireproof, acting like a firewall in your Studio which makes things rather interesting as they right now one of the few companies that offer soundproofing foam that are fireproof.

Arrowzoom Foam for the house.

Arrowzoom foam can also look perfect for a living or bedroom. If you think about it if you want loud music in the living room or if the kids are screaming all the time in the bedroom then soundproofing is just the thing you want for your day to day house activities.

Sound proofing always did come with price on it so you will expect to pay more for the best and for some it is well worth it as a calm house can be a heaven on EARTH.

Arrowzoom Foam Video Review

As you know now my own Studio setup and it is an exciting time to install soundproofing to stop annoying my neighbours or even my own family in my house since my studio still remain in my own backyard.

I can tell you now I can have really loud music playing and no one will hear the music outside.

This is my Arrowzoom Video review of new studio.

Buy Arrowzoom Foam

To buy the Acoustic Foam from Arrowzoom click here :

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In this video I have Arrow Zoom Black and Blue Pyramid Shaped Acoustic Foam Soundproofing 6 Black 50CM x 50 CM and 6 Blue 50 CM x 50 CM

Future Plans

I ordered 36 extra pieces to cover most of the entire Studio to sound proof it and to make my sound come out perfectly.

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