I bring you today news of Alpha Addon, The Alpha addon sadly has left. Wish it wasn't true but it is the truth. We will miss you alpha.

The best thing to do is to respect the Alpha decision.



It is with regret that The Alpha is now closed due to personal commitments.We will make further announcements later.We hope you enjoyed it.

The above message is from the alpha Twitter account.


It is with regret that The Alpha is now closed due to personal commitments.We will make further announcements later.We hope you enjoyed it.

The above message explains to you that personal commitments were the reason for the alpha shutting down.


To Our Lovely Followers

Too many leaving

Yes, it is true, with the alpha going it doesn't mean the first or the last personal leave, Earlier this year we saw Rock Crusher and Woody Leaving the Phoenix for similar reasons. Then we saw others leave 3RD Party KODI due to personally commitmentΒ rise more and more. Soulless from DaHenchmen has now decided to leave for personal commitment too and he placed a deadline on the 26th October.

More Leaving the Phoenix which included @BluePhoniexnow and @Valhallastreams.


Please Stay, too much change πŸ™

Chane is in the AIR, And this is a change for good or bad, time will tell, from the start of the KODI 3rd Party addon, there has had been many surprises leaving the 3rd party add-ons for good. The biggest that was initiated was MASHUP When Mashup decided to pull his list and addon without telling HIS OWN TEAM.. lol . That was actually the start of the Phoenix addon as it risen from the ashes to bring you moreΒ content, plus the divide of the community that Mashup had inside it which included movies / tv shows / free and paid Sports. The idea of Mashup was fantastic and some still aspire to gain it back. But like I said, Change is in the air. Life changed and old people leave and new people come in. Allot more new people will rise up to take place. Some will make more mistakes than others and some will just be here to make it work in any way they could.


The question is shall we accept change, Or are you willing to pack it in and go back to Searching WEB for content or even Torrenting everything you want. OK, I think that is an overkill. As today with every new addon that you saw on the seen, there are more and more users and more content been through to help others.

Spread the word

So what are you going to do about it? How about it. Will you come up and rise to the occasion to help others just like they helped you? The way to make sure that more people young and old to come and join this nice little community, and inspire them that we are here to stay, Start by sharing some of my videos to show how the best addons have come out and show them which one is still working, perhaps we can inspire new generation to rise.

Be positive, this is not the end. And all people to leave gracefully, The way I see it. If we show them that their exit was smooth and how much we support them, then how educated we are all are and how easy it to lift the bandit of pain that we have caused them to help us all this time. And if they feel comfortable we can bring them back just by been good to them now.

Respect works both ways. We respect them now, and maybe we see them later on.

Thank you guys, lets support each other



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