Attack attack attack IPTV shutdown news has received confirmation of the largest attack to take place on IPTV companies since the last one that shutdown half the planet IPTV companies.

It's well known that after the last IPTV shutdown. Left many IPTV companies hiding under rocks while they reconsolidate their affairs.

Some IPTV companies couldn't recover such as area51 and Waze IPTV plus many more that lost everything, plus left half the world without IPTV.

However users kept searching for simple IPTV companies and found Chinese market as a safe haven.

Users started paying 20 us dollars for one year or even 35 us dollars for 2 years from Chinese companies

And even though the practice didn't get super advertised this time. The IPTV search continues but without any solutions to stop the Chinese companies that selling illegal IPTV.

Some are unsure if the current situation will Always remain but eventually everyone will get to feel the next step of IPTV attack.

Since reaching IPTV servers hosted or sold in China using sperate protocols and also use Xtreme logins plus m3u links.

The target was agreed to go after Xtreme login servers just like last time. But with xreme login not selling any mor. This meant the target of attack this time must change.

The next attack. Is now on users Xtreme login ports. Using ports 8001 and 8000 on servers using xreme login protocols.

This is not the first.tkme attack went after users. The last time it was ISP sending fines.

This time it will more of the same by issuing fines through letter box. However this will be followed by ISPs forced to bill users a network trafficking fines.

Users will be forced to make radical changes that might lead them to the VPN path or the path of finding ISPs that will let them get Way with IPTV

You should use a VPN to protect your online privacy and security when using IPTV services, especially if they are illegal or unverified. A VPN can help you bypass geo-blocks, avoid ISP throttling, and prevent legal troubles. You can choose from a variety of VPN providers, but some of the best ones for IPTV Surfshark.

These VPNs offer fast speeds, strong encryption, and a large server network.


Have you been affected or heard of anyone that got affected of this attack.

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