Irish Pirate Site Blocklist Expands to Over 250 Domains

Irish Pirate Site Blocklist Expands to Over 250 Domains

Right after quite a few updates, key Internet suppliers in Ireland are now blocking far more than 250 pirate web page area names. Quite a few of these ended up added after the court docket issued its injunctions, through standard updates which allow copyright holders to block new proxies and mirror internet sites. With this approach, the Motion Photograph Association hopes that pirates will at some point give up.

Like several other countries all over Europe, Eire is no stranger when it will come to pirate web page blocking attempts.

The Pirate Bay was initially focused in 2009, as part of a voluntary arrangement amongst copyright holders and community ISP Eircom. A number of years afterwards the Higher Court docket requested other main World-wide-web providers to stick to match.

Up coming, the Movement Picture Affiliation (MPA) established their eyes on other targets.

On behalf of a number of significant Hollywood studios, the group acquired blocking orders against the most utilized torrent and streaming sites, including,,,,,, and

This most latest get, issued previously this 12 months, triggered the usual response. Lots of customers who have their preferred sites blocked, tried to come across choices, these types of as the many proxy and mirror web pages that are obtainable.

This functions perfectly, but it’s usually not a lasting option. A couple of weeks ago Irish ISPs expanded their blocklist covering numerous of the most utilized proxy web sites for Rarbg, 1337x, and many others. Again, buyers have been confronted with a blocking notification, this kind of as the a person down below from Virgin Media.

It is not uncommon for blocking injunctions to allow copyright holders to update the targeted domains. For example, when new domains or proxies appear. And in truth, this is what is happening below, according to the MPA.

“In accordance with the orders issued by the Dublin Substantial Court, the blocklist is frequently updated, including for alternative domains and proxies,” an MPA Europe spokesperson educated TorrentFreak.

The newest update was processed quietly earlier this thirty day period, which led to stress between avid torrenters, lots of of whom experienced just settled with an different. It’s a thing they have to get used to although.

When the MPA can’t share the total record of blocked websites, it knowledgeable us that around 250 domains are on the most recent version of the blocklist. More domains will be included when essential.

This approach may well be productive, to a diploma, but identified pirates who glance difficult enough can usually find a workaround, these as a new proxy, VPN, Tor, or other selections.

The MPA knows all far too nicely that site blocking is not a silver bullet. Even now, the Hollywood-funded group believes that it’s efficient plenty of to stop a considerable amount of people. Or possibly aggravating pirates alone may now be value it?

Written by David Minister

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