Jail time is the price for watching Premier League on Kodi

Football Premier League on KODI is the prime attraction for KODI BOX Users according to a new research. Users which are using Illicit Streaming Devices or IST boxes AKA KODI BOX, are now facing Jail time.

The Law was first introduced to go after PUBS and Bars to stop using Illicit streaming devices, back few year IST caught in a bar would be considered a finable offence, causing the bar to pay a fine as large as £500,000 UK pounds ( 650,000 US Dollars ).

UK Government posted a whole publication to assist users about IST. Pointed below is listed in the publication

  • Often Lack of Parental Controls
  • Expose children or young people to explicit or age inappropriate content.
  • Electrical safety point of view.
  • Using illicit streaming devices is illegal
  • UK is an important sector. 1.9 million people Workforce.
  • By getting an IST you are depriving industry of £84.1 billion been wasted way on IST.
  • IST is most likely provides funds for the organised criminals who sell or adapt these illicit devices.

UK Ban on IST has got many users worried on using them unless they use a VPN. VPN sales has gone through the roof in the UK.

Free VPN use to be one way to go but that has been a think of the past after the result been showing that FREE vpn would share your data with the governments, Sites such as VPN BOOK have been reported that they dont control who is hidden if a government body would ask them details on a specific traffic . Now days users buy the VPN from either IPVANISHExpress, Strong VPN or PureVPN  and enjoy their time in front the TV with their IST Devices.  Each one of these companies give out a free Trial period which the user can use and then ask for money back if they should be unhappy with it or simply want to try our the other ones.

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  1. I think Kodi.TV is one the best entertainment devices ever made.
    You sstill have to pay greedy cable company’s Internet charges so
    They make plenty

    • I cant argue with that. in matter of fact, they keep forcing us to pay extra speed charges and then throttle our speed because they feel WE SHOULD NOT BE SURFING SO FAST .. ( like WHAT THE HELL )

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