MPAA-Seized Popcorn Time Domain Now Redirects to Pirate Site

MPAA-Seized Popcorn Time Domain Now Redirects to Pirate Site

The area identify of a preferred Popcorn Time fork, that was shut down by the MPAA a several a long time in the past, is unexpectedly demonstrating signs of existence. Whilst is nonetheless registered to Hollywood’s anti-piracy group, it now redirects to the pirate streaming website

Four many years back Popcorn Time took the Net by storm.

The application amassed millions of users by presenting BitTorrent-powered streaming in an uncomplicated-to-use Netflix-design interface.

Even though the initial builders shut down their venture immediately after a few months, pursuing strain from Hollywood, others forked the software and took more than. quickly turned the primary Popcorn Time fork. The spin-off shortly had hundreds of thousands of people and updates have been pushed out on a common foundation. At the conclusion of 2015, even so, this fork also disappeared from the net.

The MPAA took credit score for the slide saying that it had submitted a lawsuit towards numerous people in Canada. In response to these legal threats, numerous critical developers backed out.

Soon right after, the MPAA also assumed handle of the major area identify, making certain that it could not tumble into the improper arms.

This worked nicely, at first, but this week we noticed that is active once again. The domain now backlinks to the pirate streaming site, which welcomes its new readers with a specific information.

Redirection landing web page

“Notice: If you are on the lookout for Popcorn Time(App) for it’s P2P torrent streaming, it’s over at In any other case, if you’re seeking for streaming. Welcome to StreamCR!” a information on the web page reads.

This is odd, considering that the area title is continue to registered to the MPAA. Whois

Introducing to the intrigue is the reality that the domain registrar is outlined as MarkMonitor, which is a properly-recognized brand defense enterprise, typically utilized to prevent area difficulties.

“Protect your important belongings by partnering with a company-only area registrar who has a powerful protection society and is committed to providing the most secure and reputable option in the industry,” MarkMonitor writes

On the other hand, because now backlinks to a pirate internet site, some thing plainly went completely wrong.

It’s difficult to say with certainty what happened. A very likely possibility is that the domain’s nameservers, which point to DNS Produced Easy, were not configured thoroughly and that the persons at the rear of made use of that oversight to redirect the domain to their very own site.

TorrentFreak spoke to a source unrelated to this situation who states he was previously capable to redirect targeted visitors from a area that was seized by the MPAA, only by incorporating it to his own DNS Produced Straightforward account. That worked, right until the nameservers had been current to MarkMonitor’s DNS servers.

Whether the fault, in this instance, lies with the MPAA, MarkMonitor, or yet another bash is challenging to say devoid of further information.

In any circumstance, the MPAA is not likely to be satisfied with the conclusion outcome, and neither is MarkMonitor. The operators, in the meantime, are in all probability celebrating and they can appreciate the totally free traffic although it lasts.

Written by David Minister

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