OLA TV 7 PRO APK IPTV Firestick Fix



OLA TV 7 PRO APK IPTV Firestick Fixola tv pro 7

OLA TV the continues to be the Crowd preferred IPTV APK is now Back again to bring even more LIVE TV in your Android device, The free IPTV APK return to version PRO with over PRO0,000 IPTV links from around the world, is just amazing works.

Few days ago I publish an article that OLA TV 7 Pro IPTV APK was released for download,  based on response from users the developer had to issue another minor fix.

OLA TV is a fantatstic free Live TV from from around world and to provide live IPTV for free we said that the APK is compatiable to all devices.

The devices included anything that will run APK which included NVIDIA Shield, Android TV, Android BOX, Smart TV with Android OS plus the Firestick.

It was later found out and based on users responses on Husham.com comments below the original post, that Firestick 4k will run the APK but standard Firestick or any other Firestick or Fire TV was struggling with OLA TV 7.

The Developer took this in and managed to release another update for these users that having hard time to use the APK

The New OLA TV APK PRO Released again with even more contents to many LIVE TV from around the planet, with over 10,000 Live TV Links from around the world you are certainly able to download more links

Plus it comes with a new LOGO for the OLA TV APK

OLA TV TO stay

OLA TV comes back with new channels and allots of connections and more improvements on the channels.

OLA TV now also contains ADS so that the APK developer (IPTV Droid) can maintain supporting the APK.

With this in mind, we can expect OLA TV to be a new beacon to new contents and more free IPTV.


(Always uninstall the previous version before installing new one)

You will need to make sure the following application installed beforehand

  • MX Player you can also find it in the App Store
  • VLC Player you can also find it in the App Store
  • Wuffy Media Player you can also find in the App Store

installing these apps will make sure you will have good streams with the full list of Relax TV APK.

OLA TV 7 Pro APK PRO images

Here are some images of the PRO APP

OLA TV 7 PRO New Download

The download link will continue to be in the main article as usual so you will need to click on the link below to download OLA TV

You will need to uninstall the OLA version and install the new one again

Click here

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  1. No fix, still not loading. I even when it does work it only lasts 2-3 weeks before it is updated again. I appreciate the developers work but OlA TV is getting to be a bit of a waste of time.

  2. Hi Brian,
    I had the same problem as it was stuck on start up page.I disconnected the vpn then opened up ola 7, it then worked, I went back to recent used apps on FireStick to connect vpn and ola 7.
    Really hope this helps.

    • Just spins around and around doesn’t even go to main menu. Maybe it only now works on 4k firesticks only. Idk this happened to me one android phone after trying to update to a new Ola I had to factory reset my phone and then it was able to download try it on your firestick see if this works

  3. So I see many here with the new update not working on regular firesticks. This happened to my android s10+ I couldn’t use the new update kept saying it was a pirated app to download original version I was so confused bit what I did was factory reset phone amd bam all working flawlessly. I think tje the firestick stores setting on in it for the apk to run. Unless its removed the new apk won’t work. I will reset my firestick amd see if this helps amd will get back to y’all today sometime

  4. I can’t get the voice command to work ? It worked on one channel, RideTV. It would be great if it worked ! Also it would be nice to use the saved channel option. Does anyone have an answer. I use a Amazon cube.

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