PW IPTV Version 8 APK Download but Its just not the same as before


and keepPW IPTV Version 8 APK – It's just not the same as before

The new update of PW IPTV APK to version 8 but its not as it once was, is the NEW IPTV APK to continue to be free to use and has ads, but due to the many users that have attached the APK to bring it down, probably out of hate, hack or just pure fun for them to make other miserable, This new version is to hold channels for BeIN only links and other links from general search of public websites

Granted the new APK will continue to offer end users ability to download many many links but the hard factor is now gone up a level for novice users.

End users will find it a bit hard to find the limitless channels that use to be there in an easy one-click button and now will need to drill down through the pages to find what they are looking for and then will have to drag that link to another page to determine if they can add it to other media players such as VLC, MX Player, Wuuffy Player or just simple KODI.

The new APK might end up being a new well deserved app for most IPTV APP developers and advanced users that are looking to enjoy digging around for links.


PW IPTV APK v8 images

Here are some images of the APP as it is in Version 8

Who is to blame for this?

Personally speaking, I would like to say special thanks to the people that constantly attacking this APK and hurting many users that enjoyed it.

As you know many users are just excited enthusiast that wanted nothing more than just to enjoy the use of their PC or Android BOX or Android Device.

Some people like to install IPTV to give them a smarter status or smarter EDGE within their friends and family, and some just wanted to save some much-needed money that they are spending to a big corporation as they are out of work or just need time to think before starting to pay again.

I don't believe people are totally want to Hack and crack and break the laws, but many are just to do get free because their bank account has been emptied by big corporates that want to always take your money and give nothing back.

I suspect that the biggest to gain from having such apks to go down like this will be the ones that caused this in the first place.

Write down below whom you think did this?

Will the APK return to the way it was

At it stands there is no way to tell if the APK will go back, however, Notifications on the APK seems to give hope of things to come.

So Chin up people.. and keep an eye on the News for all the latest information on this and when it will return to the glory days.

Because if it does return to old ways and have more then 1000 IPTV links inside this APK then the one place that you will get this information will be the and we will be here to give you even a youtube channel. Would like to thank the devloper for PW IPTV APK 8 for his best effort to continue the project to help many users and to have the strenght to keep going.


You can click here or use the link below for the latest Download link

Tell me what you think of this and share the article with everyone to be aware.

Written by ODD Balls

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