Marvel Streams IPTV Paid Service with Free Trial

Marvel Streams IPTV Paid Service

Marvel Streams IPTV Paid Service

Marvel Steams IPTV is a new IPTV Company that offers IPTV Subscription for a small fee, the service covers a large number of countries listing. With the IPTV company offering 24 Hour trial, is the best way for users to see if they are happy with the system and if the service covers your Country TV Channel.I can tell you a quick look with my Free Trial, I managed to get the USA, UK and Many sports channels plus many more.

You can use Marvel Streams with multiple amounts of devices including Windows PC, MAC PC, Firestick, Android, iPhone, Smart TV, MAG and much more.

I placed full information on how to set up the Marvel Streams for you.


Marvel Stream IPTV Packages

Marvel Streams Free Trial

Take advantage of this free trial to see all of the amazing entertainment that you can have access to at a greatly reduced price from conventional TV services. You can enjoy your Free Trial for 24hrs. Hundreds of Premium Channels included and NO Credit Card Required to take advantage of this offer.

Marvel Streams 1 Month

With the 1 Month Plan you can enjoy Unlimited Access to Premium Channels and hundreds of Local channels to choose from. View sports and major events from around the world! This 1 Month Plan does NOT require any long term contracts and is renewed on a month to month basis.


  1. What devices does it work on?
    You can watch tv on all android boxes, phones, tablets, windows pc. mac, iPad and iPhone…
  2. How many devices can I use?
    You can watch up to 4 devices at once. If you need to remove one device from your account, you need to request it be unlisted, send us an email.
  3. Can a friend use my account?
    No, sorry, sharing the account will cause your account to stop working.
  4. How do I order Marvel Streams?
    1. Very simple, choose the subscription length you want to watch, click Buy Now, enter your information including real phone and email so we can send you the logins. Then install one of the apps, enter your code and start watching!
  5. What is IPTV?
      1. IPTV is a way to watch live or recorded videos streamed thru the internet without using expensive cable or a satellite dish
  6. How many channels are there?
    1. 500+ Channels.
  7. Can I use it anywhere?
      1. Yes. You can watch your favorite shows anywhere, anytime on any device. It works on mobile phones with Apple IOS, Android box 5.1 or higher, Amazon Fire Stick, Nvidia Sheild and Tablets as well as your PC or Laptop.
  8. Is there a free trial?
        1. Yes Marvel Streams IPTV offer free 24 Hour Trial

Android & IOS devices are simple and you will be up and running in minutes!!

First, decide which device you are going to use.

If it is Android use google play.

If it is IOS use the apple store.

Android users the first steps listed below.

In Google Play your app should be delayed as seen below. Link provided.

The link provided below.

IOS Users

If you use and IOS devices your app should look similar to what is seen below.

The link provided below.

After you have installed the SoPlayer App type in your Username, Password, and Provider ID or simply put in your Pin Code (Device Link Code) to log in and start. We prefer the username and password seems to work best.

Setup Marvel Streams IPTV on Amazon Fire Stick or Fire Tvnew fire tv cube 2nd gen

In this section, you will find the proper way to install on your firestick or Fire Tv device.


1. From the Home Page of your Fire Stick, Fire Cube or Fire TV go to SETTINGS.

2. Select DEVICE.


4. Turn ON Apps From Unknown Sources & ADB debugging.

5. Go back to the Home Page of your Fire Stick, Fire Cube or Fire TV and click the SEARCH button at the top left and type in DOWNLOADER and download it.

6. Click on DOWNLOADER and download it.

7. Open DOWNLOADER after installed.


9. ENABLE (Check the box) Java Script.

10. Click HOME to go back to the Main Menu of DOWNLOADER.

11. ENTER URL:  OR  (When you click on the bar, HTTP:// will go away and that is OK).

12. After SoPlayer has been downloaded click INSTALL and then OPEN.

13. SELECT – PIN CODE and put in a Device Link Code (You can also select Username and Password. A good rule of thumb is if you are choosing the free trial and decide not to purchase be sure to log out of your account to keep from having to uninstall your soplayer device due to it being linked to your Mac address.

Setup Marvel Streams IPTV PC and Laptop DevicesWindows 10 boost: These simple tricks could make your PC much faster

1. First, download SoPlayer via Marvel Streams website or click below.

2. Click run to execute and start the download.

3. Once the download is complete it will appear on your desktop.

4. Open the application and enter your credentials that were emailed to you when signing up.

5. As always you can enter username and password or your pin codes and your all set!

Setup SOPlayer

To setup SOPlayer you will need first a Marvel Streams Account, and then you will need fill detailsMarvel Streams

Login to the Marvel Streams Website and click on My account


Marvel Streams IPTV Account Details
user name password and Provider ID all located in the My Account section under TV Subscriber information

And you will see the user name and password details

In SOPlayer click on User name and Password and Enter

  • Provider ID
  • User name
  • And password.

You are allowed 4 devices including with Trial

Marvel Streams SOPlayer

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  1. hello has the marvel stream website changed, I am trying to renew and log in but looks like not available or webpage/IP changed?

    Thank you for any info..

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