S. 686: RESTRICT Act

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The new S. 686: RESTRICT Act is a major blow to users in general and users should file to stop it.

I wrote the below a letter users should send to their senator to stop the latest bill

Subject: Concerned about the Proposed RESTRICT Act (S. 686)


Dear [Senator / Representative Name],


I am writing to express my serious concern about the recently proposed S. 686, also known as the Retaining Essential Security and Trust for All Network Technology (RESTRICT) Act. As a citizen and constituent, I believe that the proposed bill would have a negative impact on the technology industry and personal privacy rights.


I understand that the RESTRICT Act intends to prohibit the use of certain foreign-made communications technologies by government agencies and contractors. While the goal of safeguarding national security is laudable, I worry that certain provisions of the bill may have far-reaching and unintended consequences.


One of my primary concerns is the potential for the RESTRICT Act to stifle innovation in the technology industry. By limiting the adoption of foreign-made products, the bill could restrict competition and hinder the development of cutting-edge technologies. Additionally, the bill could harm the privacy rights of American citizens by requiring intrusive data collection and analysis.


In conclusion, I urge you to consider my concerns about the RESTRICT Act and its potential impact on the technology industry and personal privacy rights. I believe that a thoughtful and balanced approach is necessary to achieve the goal of safeguarding national security while protecting innovation and privacy.


Thank you for your time and attention to this important matter.



[Your Name]

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