The Pirate Bay’s Downtime Troubles Continue

The Pirate Bay's Downtime Troubles Continue

The Pirate Bay has been hard to arrive at for the previous week. No further more information have been announced but the Tor version of the web site stays operational. Nevertheless, with quite a few circumstances of downtime this yr by now, this hardly passes as “news” any more.

About a 7 days back we noted that The Pirate Bay’s add features was broken.

Although this trouble was finally solved right after a several times, the normal area turned unusable shortly after.

Currently, more than five times later on, the dilemma persists. For most people, the web site currently displays a CloudFlare error message throughout the entire web-site, with the CDN supplier mentioning that a “bad gateway” is leading to the situation.

No further more facts are out there to us and there is no regarded ETA for the site’s total return. Nonetheless, judging from previous expertise, it is most likely some specialized problem that wants fixing.

TPB 502 Cloudflare error

The Pirate Bay has experienced quite a couple stints of downtime in latest months, and by now it’s turning into a typical incidence. Even though far more than five times is a new document, apart from the 2014 ‘raid,’ there’s no information to report.

The moderators in the formal boards never seem to have any info on the ongoing problems possibly. They do position out, on the other hand, that the site is not down wholly.

TPB is still obtainable by using its .onion deal with on the Tor network, accessible utilizing the common Tor Browser, for instance. The site’s Tor targeted traffic goes as a result of a different server and works just fantastic.

The Pirate Bay team has a position site in the message boards where by men and women can check to see if an outage is influencing every person or not. This also displays that the Tor variation of the web-site is operating wonderful. At minimum, at the time of creating.

Written by David Minister

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