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  1. Most are too complex but this one give you just what you want and need.
    Too much is not what a user want. Been useing this for awhile and no problems with it…

  2. Very well thought out and I like it best! Not over loaded with stuff just to make it seem like it is better.

  3. My first choice would be titanium no doubt and close second has to be Boom Shakalaka , no limits has to be third . I imagine the rest of them would be similar a few extra here and there , but my heart with titanium and Boom Shakalaka that’s it . You can take that to the bank lol

  4. Husham I love you so much ..I will give me life to you
    Can I give you my wife and daughter as to pleasure you for free just like you pleased me for free

  5. when i try to log in always give me (search)
    now it looks OK But Some times i have to try around 10 times then the main list will open

    Thank You Hesham

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