2018 News – KODI , APK, Netflix, Amazon, Apple, Samsung, Smart TV

2018 News - KODI , APK, Netflix, Amazon, Apple, Samsung, Smart TV

KODI 2018 in fireworks news

2018 News – KODI , APK, Netflix, Amazon, Apple, Samsung, Smart TV

We survived anther Year KODI

Lets start with the obvious, HAPPY NEW YEAR for 2018. yes its another year and it is wonderful to see we are still among the living. At least there was no Asteroid blasted towards the earth in 2017 as it was predicated, or no Geo-storm was forecast as it was filmed, and no SKY NET was developed this year, Although the name Google could be the new SKY NET( hmm you never know ).

So Another year and more news for the average user. Weather you are a novice or an expert or just for people who follow Idiot Guides, then this will apply to you.


The last 2017 party

After the last night party, I woke up to a new world, the 2018 has flying cars and ready made foods that is just healthy, pills that make you smarter without side effect and feeling the overwhelming to leap tall builds with a single step. Some might say I now live in a paradise. OH darn that was a dream, well nothing has changed, Woke up in the morning made breakfast. STILL THE SAME FOOD. WTF! That time machine in back to the future lied to us, or just gone to a different Future where Biff made a better world and more sense. Instead BIFF HAS TAKEN OVER. and Calls him self TRUMP.



KODI 2018 in fireworks news

Kodi has been good to us in 2017 and we hope that it continues to be that, with the free contents from SKY Net, oops I mean GOOGLE, we can practiculary have KODI installed and watch anything we want with out the use of Illegale 3rd party addon, I call this KODI Addon X.

KODI 17.6 code named KRYPTON is current stable build

KODI 18 Alpha Code name Leia has improved allot and ready to be released

  • Old KODI
    • KODI 15 – Working with no Addons only but has a potential of Virus
    • KODI 16  – Working with no addons only but has a potential of viruse
    • KODi 17.0 KODI 17.2 – Working but has a potential of viruses
    • KODi 17.3 – 17.5 – Working
  • SPMC – Working Partially and no longer useful
    • SPMC to release a new update around march 2018 ( date might change )
  • Kodi shutdown rumours is not true
  • Kodi 3rd party addon section removal is not true and only a rumour at this stage.
  • KODI Netflix is confirmed to be in kodi in 2018 or KODI 18,  Amazon video rejected Kodi again.


KODI and XBOX  and Microsoft Relationship.

KODI has been working hands in hands with Microsoft, first KODI gets added to the Microsoft windows Store and just recently KODI is now able to install on Microsoft XBOX store.

XBOX and Windows PC now marked as ISD ( Illicit Streaming Devices ), Not sure what changed as they were always Illicit Streaming devices from day one, so you can say they were always Streaming devices because they have official and not official streaming capability from first time they started as this is the nature of computing, Its much like a cup can be legal and illegal, Water inside the Cup can be legal and Drugs filled cups can be illegal. All depends on how to use it. Yet the cup never got a law against it that we should t buy it.

KODI and Amazon


After was welcomed to be installed in the Amazon Android Store, Kodi got removed from the amazon Android store after rumours that they allow 3rd party addons to be installed with illegal contents. KODI kept asking Amazon that this is not true and KODI is only a Media centre, Amazon refused KODI to installed on the Amazon First stick and Amazon Fire TV officially but have not stopped it from users to install it manually by installing an APK.

The Rumours has been circling that Amazon fire stick will block KODI but that might have been trust on the store only not the APK.

KODI Virus


KODI virus is true, users that have KODI 17.1 and below have a good chance of been infected with the first KODI virus created.

Apk virus rumours is just fake. Apk adverts is not a virus but can be misunderstood on how that can be misleading to be a virus.

UK Internet Service Providers

Virgin, BT, SKY AND TALK TALK are planning to monitor and feedback the IPTV and Kodi activities, The plan is to also include users in the UK to get letters from their Provider for using Illegal streams and possible fines, Not clear how the plan to be implemented yet, but time to get a VPN active 24/7.

Ebay and Amazon Stores

Kodi devices and APK devices such as the android boxes are been giving warning this year to provide more details on the products and anything that has fully loaded on it will be removed and possible banned.

KODI Addons

Free movies and TV shows news Best add-on remain the one using realdebrid or real debrid integration Such as fantastic Kodi addon.

KODI Boxs 2018 News

Kodi boxs All new android boxes are no longer shiped with kodi installed, only Kodi forks such as koki or doki and so on. The Fork will be working the same Impact only on PVR clients and cache clearing

Best IPTV 2018

Below is the best IPTV services you can buy, they are best because of the quality, the response of the after sale, and the low price. I am not saying that there is not others, but I dont see the point of paying more then these ones

IPTV Service Name

Service Details



PlayersKlub Sports, USA ONLY and sports UK and PPV with English 24/7,  Movie links and Adult Live streams $5 a month Most 1080,HD and some SD
OTTTV Sports, USA, UK, Canada, Latino and PPV with English 24/7 and Movies and Adult live streams £6 a month Most 1080, HD and some SD
Rambo IPTV Arabic IPTV plus some international links with Arabic Movies and Arabic TV Shows plus English Movies with Arabic Translation $80 Annual Some 1080, most HD and some SD
Extreme Streams USA, UK, Sports, PLus world links $10 a month Some 1080, Most Hd and some SD

USA, UK, Sports, PLus world links plus English Videos.

Using the Vader Stalker System

$11 a month Most 1080, Hd and some SD



Dont be scared from the net any more, you can now Disappear or Hide your activities online by using a Virtual Private Tunnel also known as a VPN.

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