Area 51 IPTV Live TV brought to you by Aliens 2017

Area 51 IPTV Live TV brought to you by Aliens 2017



Another IPTV service, The IPTV service Area 51 is another service for you to use on your TV, Making your entertainment complete. The service has many USA and UK channels, maintained by the Area51 team.

The service is currently for


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  1. I played my monthly iptv, and it still say my account is disabled. Can you please let me know what is the problem.

  2. I have checked and ,it say my account is disable, I also log out then back in. Same thing. Can you please check to see what is my username and password. Possible I don’t have the right one.
    All my devices say the same thing, account disabled.

    • user name angelomagnia1966gmailcom

      Go to your client area [HERE]( and click on your service that shows _”Active”_.

      Next click where it says _”IPTV Service Details”_.

      You can always get your info there if you forget it or when using on a new device.

  3. hi Husham, i am having problems with my log in. I’ve paid but i cant seem to get a username and password in order to download the alien IPTV. I’ve tried so many times it doesn’t recognize my login. please help

  4. I can no longer log into Area 51. It says my account is deactivated. I didn’t deactivate my account. Can you help me please? I cannot get into my account.
    Annette Saulet

  5. my service dont work,it says subscription is disabled,i need to know what should i do next.pierre

  6. Hi thank for your inexpensive iptv service but I can’t log in on my device it says wrong user name and password, but I try to log in on the website but it says the same. Thank you in advance.

  7. I got you aera51 then I didn’t like it and in around 22 hours I canceled it but got no refund what’s up with that.

  8. I keep getting an OOOPS screeen when trying to use webplayer on Windows 10 PC. Is there a fix or workaround?

    Also… It’s been raining here in Atlanta for 3 days straight. Can you make it stop?

    • alkazam.. RAIN OFF.. sure this little spell will make it stop raining ..

      in the web player. I would recommend you talk to Area51 desk or their channel to try to understand why is that happening

  9. Hi Hisham,
    I’m trying to find a solution to get subtitles to work while watching area 51 live TV…support team said they don’t help out with that. Any lead would be appreciated.

  10. I paid you through Paypal on your Are-51 link and have not gotten my account info? Can you please send this to me asap?

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