BT, Virgin, Talk Talk BLOCK Arabic IPTV in the UK

Arabic IPTV blocked

BT, Virgin, Talk Talk BLOCK Arabic IPTV in the UK

Both BT and Virgin started to do a massive blocking of Live TV or IPTV companies. Focused on IPTV Companies that provide Arabic TV over the web. and even though it is mostly Free to Air channels and usage of Arabic TV in the UK is not completely illegal. Both BT and Virgin are mostly concern with the high usage of the Internet that is slowing their bandwidth in the UK during the COVID 19 Period.

With most Arabic tv users going to Arabic IPTV instead of Arabic Satelite TVs these days to avoid the COVID 19 LOCKDOWN and to avoid the hassle of keep changing the frequencies. Internet Companies are been overwhelmed with NON-STOP Arabic IPTV from their homes.

Update ( Talk talk is also blocked now )

UnLimited Internet is fake!!!

With Unlimited internet message always been given to UK users, This is no acceptable when Internet companies get a high demand from many users homes for the same links. This makes Internet Companies happy to start blocking users, as they fear that home users will abuse the unlimited internet. So, in reality, unlimited internet is really a fake concept as internet companies will always start to block you as they feel like it.

is there Workaround for UK ISP Blocking?

Yes, you can avoid internet companies monitoring your connection and avoid them blocking you by using a high-quality VPN. Recommend either IPvanish or Strong VPN.

Both are high-quality UK and worldwide VPN services.



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