Buffering Caused by Internet Service Providers The World is on Fire


Buffering Caused by Internet Service Providers The World is on fire worldwide

Based on recent chats and talks to users in the IPTV community of late. USA ISPs are now throttling and blocking. And even though this was not confirmed at all locations, but there were at least 3 users confirmed in 7 states in the USA, including California, Michigan, and Texas

Since European Internet Service providers started first, and first was where I live in the UK  ( I was not lucky on this at all ), with throttling and blocking IPTV and generally even sometimes effecting using simple things like Netflix and Amazon prime, Currently buffering becoming a nightmare for users.

Which one is a Good VPN?The Good Fight

Most users are forced to locate a good VPN for streaming, but VPN companies are also been overwhelmed. In Europe, not all VPN companies are coping with the load, as users asking for VPN to unblock their Internet Service Providers restrictions and needing to watch IPTV or even watching Netflix such as Netflix USA from Europe.

Some VPNs have now been used 24/7 sometimes, and sometimes ISPs recognize that VPN  and start now throttling some IP addresses from VPN as well, but so far seems to be temporary and a good VPN seems to work.

USA IPTVIn the USA in the past always been no need for a VPN because no one blocking and no one cares. This now changed.

Internet Service Providers are been forced to block home users or throttle home users not because they are using IPTV or constant streaming of Live TV. The main problem is with users Torrenting all the time from around the world, and this has brought in a new status in Internet Browsing.

IPTV Users suffer the most from this

IPTV users require constant stream to their servers, Users using IPTV are the ones most suffering from this Throatling and constant blocking as users Home broadband is been marked for torrenting by their Internet Service providers by mistake. Internet providers are aware this is a wrong setting for IPTV and they simply DONT CARE

How to fix Buffering?Fix Buffering

Whether it is KODI, IPTV, or APK streaming movies or watching live tv, the Solution for buffering will continue to be a good VPN. Currently, companies such as PureVPN and Express VPN are not coping in certain countries in the world. Companies such as Strong and IPVANISH seem to have got it right as they have built the biggest IPTV VPN infrastructure.

VPN and Buffer!vpn speed

But for some users already using VPN and getting buffering. They need to disconnect and connect again to a different VPN server or location. Or just select the best source. Whichever that works.

Users on VPN should try to avoid connecting to faraway country or slow VPN server countries, sometimes the best way to find which VPN server is good for you is by connecting to each one and seeing which one is good for you

Things to avoid for bufferingcables

There are some things to avoid buffering without or with a VPN.

Do not use Wifi Extenders they are simply replacing them with powerline/wifi devices where possible, or simple a CAT 6 cable

Do NOT use Ethernet cable with CAT4, 5, or 7,8,9 on it. Only use CAT 6 Cables ethernet cable to connect from your router to your device.

Do not get a free VPN. This will not work for Streaming well and buffering will still exist. As mention above. VPN companies not able to cope with the load and are not ready for all the connections.

Using Wifi from your router is good but always use Wifi 5G. 99% of routers have 5G and new Routers are broadcasting MIX 2G and 5G. This is very bad and you should split this and use only 5g.

Avoid doing a speed test on a VPN. That is not how VPN going to give accurate results.

For VPN try to use the two companies that I personally can guarantee no Buffering either IPVANISH or Strong VPN.

This article was written based on feedback from users in my forum.

Feel free to contact me on my forum.husham.com when you need 1 to 1 help.

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