Datong Cable

"Datong Wired" client is a mobile client product provided by Datong Broadcasting & Television Network Co., Ltd. that matches the viewing service of "Datong Cable" set-top box. It provides smooth, high-definition, stable, green and secure channel broadcast and on-demand.
Provide more than 200 sets of TV channels, covering CCTV and major news channels, variety channel, sports channels, high-definition television channels and other categories. Provide detailed and intimate interface design and HD smooth video playback service on the playback experience, achieving zero buffer and second swap. Let you experience unprecedented television viewing on your iPhone and iPad.

The main functions and features:
1. Rich in Content and Continuous Update: Provides 200+ HD channels covering news, entertainment, sports, etc., and live broadcasts with TV stations.
2, full-text search: for live and on-demand, provide a name, profile and other search criteria for a variety of keyword dimensions.
3, watch the record and the collection of cloud storage: support for set-top boxes, PCs, mobile phones and tablet computers record cloud synchronization.
4, high-definition picture quality: 1080P high-definition picture quality, bring a super clear experience.
5, high-speed download: Watching the program can achieve zero buffer, second exchange Taiwan.

By Datong Numerical TV Co., Ltd.

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