DBMC 16.3 Download KODI & SPMC GOT better

DBMC 16.3

DBMC from droid box has advanced. Not only is is more user-friendly by using the Droidbox.co.uk logo (which should be obvious since they are using it for their customer) it is also more advance in the IPTV segments and maintenance. The DBMC is now hosting many new features. Invisible to anyone installing DBMC on android. But to me, I noticed few changes that would rock for a standard KODI user.

First, you have SPMC and not KODI which makes it allows a smoother operation to the End user with your android Device.

Second, they added many features to the DBMC which removed some small annoying codec and replaced them with the codec that can be compatible with LIVE TV menu and no mess to the end user. This change actually did come from the developer TDB input to the DBMC.

Although it is a shame that TDB has been pushed away by the community, you can see his input was taken seriously by DroidBOX to making the DBMC as he influenced even a DBMC Maintenance menu.

DBMC is now available to download from DroidBOX and you can replace your KODI or add it next to KODI as another media centre.

Experince first have how it can be better for your Android device .


Enjoy the show

Husham memar

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