1080 TV SHOWS & Movies ADDONS

1080 TV SHOWS & Movies ADDONS


Many of you keep asking for great 1080 links.

Some of you now go to the solutions of paid links to get 1080 links from KODI.

I have been showing many videos on how to watch them and many add-ons do have high-quality links for you to watch. This is is without paying anything.

I even started posting to Instagram the 1080 links shows previews so you can see the results of some great add-ons.



I settled this rumours well and truly and despite what you already know these rumours are false, There is no shred of proof that add-ons will go paid for HD links. This rumour was coming from Soloman who thinks he is god green earth when it comes down to an addon, and he also claimed that I don’t know anything, This makes me laugh after all done for him because he knows jack about anything.

This rumour needed to stop and I stopped it. Permanently at the source.




Soloman Scammer


My goto addon is now SALTS, and you can watch SALTS (Stream all the Sources ) on my youtube video to even give you playlists and auto update features




There is many more HD link addons.

You can get it from exodus, free movies, SPECTO and much more.
Some people complain that exodus was giving them issues so we talked about that in the live shows and we proved it works well. Just need to follow few steps to get everything working again

Free movies and many addons from Mucky Duck repo will let you install many addons that will give you 1080 links or some just plain simple HD.



Specto is probably one of the most favourite these days, despite all the recent pigeon problems the SPECTO addon seem to compact that issue better the other addons. Specially now with its own URL resolver. The specto URL resolver is great and working, unlike the standard URL resolver.








There will be plenty of HD ADDONS COMING, and some will go too. We all seen what happen to Mashup and Genesis and much more. But always more come out of the woodwork.

3rd party add-ons are always coming to be coming because there will always be websites offering HD links.

In fact, the next step HD websites will offer 4k and that will a new addon for you.


Enjoy the show

Husham Memar


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