Easiest way to write Office Documents

Easiest way to write Office Documents
Best new way to write your office documents

The way we use office documents these days is basicly use Microsoft office. In fact for 3 centruy’s we have been always saying microsoft office. 

Isnt enought is enough. Apart from Microsoft take. Over our lifes with their way of installing operating system (DOS, Windows) and constantly paying for their applications with out end, is somethjng I want to breeak the pattern.

Allot of users think Microsoft monopolies on the PC industry is a big roll and want to change it. 

Saying all that microsoft is not that bad these days but did start with EVIL intentions. 

Microsoft boss BILL GATE bought the operating system DOS and made it to his own by slapping MS DOS on the title. 

He stole the idea of microsoft office from apple Steve Jobs. I say stole because steve jobs reacted badly to all this and beought it down to insualts to Bill gate at the time which lead to steve had ro be force to leave apple for many years so he can calm down.

Apple stood by while microosft took all the glory for office. 

Ibm war with OS/2 against microsoft also didnt last long as IBM lost the war against market share in Microsoft office.

Then while all that was taken place another major group was taken slowgrowth that will suprise you.

Google started with GREED LIKE NO OTHER. The greed for information, google search engine and slow movments to power was no aparent untill all the Major FOG OF WAR. Was revealed. 

This lead to google slowly takeing a big major name in their market of what I call, USER PEOGRAMS SUPREMACY. 

The issue with Google tactics has always been. Information there. WE WANT IT. LETA SHARE IT. 

Google started with the goale of search engine supremacy but they ended up liked by many due to the ease of use. And despite that now offer advertisementsrent in most of their apps they are still not advertisement that affect the user in any way. 

Infact the user interfact has only improved for the better and users have never been more happy to use the internet.

When google decided to open up open office program. It was hard for many to use it. In matter of fact google was lughed on for letting users use somthing that really didnt give much differance to user interface apart from. FREE. 

Yes open office is free, but still there was allot of work missing. Like sharing and the way you update the software. And more. 
This proved to be a program like other peograms or just like microsoft office.

 Today I show you something new. The office documents in a cloud based system. 
Never install; auto dictation , loads of plugin or addons to be added , loads of improvements to open office and much much more. 

Take a look at the guide to complete the picture for you 

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