The new KODI look build. This build might not be animated or has special features but it does have the backing od the TDB team and also has a good think going for it.
It has ALLOT OF ADDONS ALL CRAMPED O ONE BUILD. This is good news. As the one think that a user love to see is always getting many addons in one click.
The build is awsome with easy access to movies tv shows at the beggining using single click with addons such as imperial streams to make the widgets. But not forgeting at the rest of the addins as he list them all.

The live tv seems to take a big step in this build, LTV build made sure thay the addons work to their advantage in adding livemix at the front and with the additional filmon widgets and other addons listed below the live tv menu.

Live, TV and Movies sections was also seperated when you see seperate section to major addons like Evolve and Phoniex and UK Turks. Each section has a specific widges and menu which shines a light and wasy access to every link.

Maintaince is made simple with the TDB team own maintaincr fixes.

I looked at the build closly and it was over 400MB but the build suprisingle ran smoothly. Doesnt hurt the user interface. The build even ran well with my fire stick which the slowest device I have.

Sports seems to take a big part too in this build as there was a seperate sports section menu and a seperate section for PPV (aka per per veiw).

The kids was not left alons as there was a large selctions of addons for kids. It was rather enjoyable to see the kids and widgets listed there. It provided a step forward to each addon and link that you need to enjoy family time with the kids.

Despite what the build has on number of addon it seems to continue on with music videos sections.

Last but not least, I will talk about is the adult section. As the title suggest there is adult section on this build avaliable but you can install with out adult if you want. The adult section does have wodgets with direct images to single click XXL section but the widget to point to Whitecreame only. And it is a large selection of porn But you can still access more adult addons in the same menu with other addons easily listed for you. I recommend you look at my video for pin centry to block the porn from kids reach or you can disaple it from the skin settings if you dont want it.

You can now see the youtube guide below to see how you can install the build 😉

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