FIX You need to verify ReCaptcha to get sources

how to verify recaptcha on firestick

FIX You need to verify ReCaptcha to get sources

Today I will show you how to FIX You need to verify ReCaptcha to get sources message that appears on your application. Many of you using APKs that get the message you need to verify ReCaptcha to get sources, APKs such as NOVA, Cinema or TV Zion and many more all get this message which seems to be annoying. The message is showing on most of the Application and is most annoying when it comes down to trying to click it.

NO streaming links will show up most of the time because you fail to click this message. Not so desirable when you are trying to watch a movie/


FIX You need to verify ReCaptcha to get sources

Reason for the message

The reCaptcha message is designed to validate that you are a genuine user to the website that you are streaming from. I know you will say that you are not using a website to get the link, but the application you are using is a website streaming app. So the source of the application is trying to validate you are a genuine user by asking you to validate with reCaptcha questions or images depending on the website.

How to FIX?

Since the application that you are using is using scrapers or contents scanners form the web is trying to go directly from your internet browser to the website that is streaming the link you desired the fix is always is click the Verify button. However, since this is not practical when trying to stream all the time then its time to go outside the box with a debrid service.

Can Debrid service avoid this?

Debrid services can really fix this issue for you by going to the desired streaming link and validating the reCaptcha for you and streaming it to you directly at an even faster speed. I myself use realdebrid to fix this and working perfectly for me to skip the reCaptcha of the source and also avoiding buffering from the source if there are too many people streaming the Movie or TV Shows

Do I need a VPN?

Although it is not required to fix the reCaptcha message, It is always recommended to get a VPN to hide your public activities from the web


To fix the reCaptcha Message from in APK applications I recommend using realdebrid where possible. Most Applications have Real debrid located in the setting of the application.


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