GG IPTV Premium

The best IPTV Video Player and recorder app you can find!

Now you can watch you preferred online videos wherever you are. Just turn on your Wi-Fi or 3G/4G/LTE and you are ready.
Follow your friends in the chat and your favorite sports directly on your iPhone or iPad.
Imagine you want to watch your favourite soccer team while you are at beach, it could be fantastic!

You can record the video or add new links manually. Awesome!!!

– Add new channel link with description
– Buttons auto fade out after 5 seconds
– Free Live Chat
– Possibility to ignore chat users
– Report chat abuse to server button
– Speech assistant
– Airplay
– Chromecast support

Codecs supported :
– m3u8, mp4, avi, mov, rtmp, mms, ts

By Gennaro Coda

Download from Itunes

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