happy new year everyone. may all your wishes come true this year

Happy new year everyone. may all your wishes come true this.
with 2024 starting and hard on everyone this year.
A lot of us feel this year's pressure, I really do believe that times will get better, and despite how things turned out. we shall stand tall and say to this new year. I WILL DO IT.
just believe in this new year to be
your new year
your time
your moment
and may you and your families stay safe and have the best time this year.

I personally want to thank my moderators in my forum.husham.com
I also have special thank you to my family that supported me this, starting with my mum and dad and my wife and especially my 3 kids. Aula Noor and Haydar.
I will not be here this year without them.

I want to thank crystal for spending a lot of her free time to help users or strangers, in my forum.

I'm thankful this year that I am still around for the time being and due to my health situation, I have no idea if I am around next year.
but I will try to be as much as I can to help everyone that needs it.

happy new year everyone


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