Where does hate come from in the Community

Where does hate come in the Community.

Where Does Hate Come from?

Screw haters. You hate hate hate.
but here is the issue.. We say that .. but its not the fault of the haters. It is caused and fulled by people that fuel them with hate to start with. Using others as their only way out for errors and issues they cant deal with..

Allot of addons these days tell you “here is an addon but dont tell anyone about it”
and when it falls over they say it is caused by people that told you about it.

NO ITS NOT,  Addon stopped working BECAUSE THE ADDON HAD TOO MUCH Traffic to work OTHERWISE KNOWN AS POPULAR and not its because of others that told you about it.

So you go and tell people.. Hey man .. My addon didnt screw up.. Its because others told many many people about it.


What a BS…


This is just what people should not say because they are making these haters. Driving Hate to a good community. dividing the community. This bring HATE.

We seen it many many times, that haters get to be build up because of someone persuade them that they are right and no one else is right.. in fact they claim they are the best…

This is a message from me. Stop hating the haters.. its not their fault.. They are just robots and have no brain to think for them self except what others tell them to say.

And if you are a person that have been following many many people that tell you what to say and think….. Its time for you to start thinking for your self..Stop the hate.. You will only regret it in the long run ….. you are a living creature that can think for your self. and you are the best no matter what they tell you .. YOU CAN THINK FOR YOUR SELF.

No more hate.

And if the addon maker says that the addons stopped working because of reasons other then .. The link that it was pointing to is dead. Then This is what you should say to your self.. WHY DID HE NOT SAY THAT? Why did the addon maker asking me to hate someone else for the link that stopped working.

People need to stop and think about obvious questions. Why are you saying this? Why are you typeing this?  what caused this .. What fuled this in the first place.

I made a video and explained about a glass story in the video.. TRY TO THINK ABOUT THAT GLASS.. TRY TO THINK What is the glass..


I dont agree with dividing a community because someone else said so. I want to see for my eyes why.


There are 4 fingers between Truth and Lies.

Eyes are TRUE

Ears are Lies.

Stop following what you hear.. You need to see it for your self. Believe it your self. Understand it your self. And if you dont or cant.. THEN STOP FOLLOWING BAD MOJO.

You know that word about the “THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE”. Well maybe it is and you just ignore it.



  1. I’s truly too bad and tvaddons wedsite is pointing to those “youtubers”who shared a great link….I thought SPMC or whatever it’s called would be the platform to explain addons… what did I miss here?

  2. I slow getting to see this.
    Great stuff: Think for yourself & stop the hate.
    Yeah TVaddons are far from perfect, but they are doing a good service for the Community. We need them. Just as we need guys like you. Even here in Mexico

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