How much does makes in $$$$

How much does makes in $$$$

For those of you that wanted to know how much TVAddons is making


 Website Traffic & Revenue
Daily Unique Visitors Daily Unique Visitors ? :
49,036 Daily Advertisement Revenue Daily Ads Revenue ? :
Daily Pageview Count Daily Pageviews ? : 142,204 Monthly Advertisement Revenue Monthly Ads Revenue ? :
Average Time Duration on Site Avg. Time On Site ? :
4:03 Yearly Advertisement Revenue Yearly Ads Revenue : ? :


Well that is cool.. TVAddons only job of-course is a website and forum

How about this.. How much is the domain worth these days.

TVAddons domain worth 313K
Website worth


Well done TVaddons. hope you make more in the future and all your developers get well compensated to bring more good work to the community.




  1. Right on. They should make money, they have to survive. They are being very productive with high quality products.

  2. I dont use TVaddons any more.. I just love watching you and the rest of the you-tubers because tvaddons dont tell us truth

  3. Thank you man.. You are the best for showing us the best details in the world.. Thank you
    With you you
    TV Addons is nothing. .I love you

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