The USS Defiant Kodi Addon (2020)

Defiant Addon KODI

How to Install The USS Defiant Kodi Addon (2020)

In this guide , I will show you how to install The USS Defiant addon on Kodi. This addon works on all the Kodi platforms including FireStick, Android TV devices, Android & iOS Mobiles, Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi, and more.

The USS Defiant is a relatively new addon but is working great presently. You can use this addon to watch movies, shows, and more.

This Addon repo will not allow you to install unless you use VPN and I recommend you use IPVAnish first

This addon works best when paired with Real Debrid.

Trakt support is available for a better streaming experience.

How to install the USS Defiant addon on Kodi

Let me break down this installation process into two important parts as follows:

  • Allow Unknown Sources within the Kodi Settings
  • Install the USS Defiant Addon

Part 1: Allow the Unknown Sources within the Kodi Settings

You need to take care of this part first before you could install USS Defiant or any other third-party addon on Kodi. By default, the Kodi security settings won’t allow such installations. Here is how you change the settings:

  • Launch the Kodi application on your device
  • You should see the following home window. There is a cog/gear icon in the top-left corner. Click this icon to open the Kodi Settings
  • Now, within the Settings menu, you will find several options. Open the one in the bottom-right called System
  • Next, you will find the menu items on the left. Select or click the option Add-ons
  • You are now going to find the related options on the right side of the window. Here, you want to click the option Unknown Sources

Note: Click this option if it is OFF or disabled. If it is already ON or enabled, leave it

  • You must now see the following prompt. Go ahead and click Yes to continue

Here! You have enabled Unknown Sources and this will allow you to install the third-party addons on Kodi. Let’s get started

Part 2: Open IPvanish

In Order to connect to USS Defiant Addon, you will need to have IPVAnish connected to United state first.

First signup to IPVanish by clicking here

Open IPVanish to connect to the Repo and make sure you connected to

  • United state
  • Best City
  • Best Server

Picture showing the setting you need for IPVanishUSS Defiant KODI Addon

Part 3: Install the USS Defiant Kodi Addon

Your Kodi app has now been set up to allow USS Defiant addon. So, here are the steps we are going to follow:

  • Open the home window of the Kodi application (check the image below). Click the gear icon in the top-left corner and open Settings again
  • Now, on the top-left, click the option File Manager
  • This is the window you are going to see next

Here, click Add source

Note: As you can see, there are two Add Source options – on the left and right. You can click any one of them. Also, you will need to double-click this option on a computer

  • This is the popup window that you see next. Here, we will click where it says
  • Now, go ahead and type the following path or URL in the text field

Just make sure you have typed the URL correctly without any typos. The wrong URL means error during installation later

Click OK

  • You would return to this window again.cThere is the source name field here. Highlight or click this field and then type in any source name you want

I am choosing ruby

Click OK

  • Now, the next thing you want to do is go back to the home window of the Kodi one more time. When on the home window, click Settings again
  • Navigate to and then open the option Add-ons

kodi addons icon

  • Here, you see the following set of options. Click Install from zip file


  • This window will appear. Yours may look slightly different from mine.

Scroll down, find, and click the source name you provided earlier

It is ruby in my case

  • On this screen, we are going to click the zip file named repository.Diamond-Wizard-Repo

The version number of the file name in the image may be different in your case. Click the file regardless

  • Just wait now. The repository is being installed

You should see the Diamond Build Repo Add-on installed message in just a few seconds

  • Stay on the same window. Click Install from the repository
  • Now, we open the Diamond Build Repo we installed
  • Now, here is the list of all the add-ons this repository hosts. Find and click The USS Defiant add-on
  • Go ahead and click Install on the next window
  • This popup should now appear on your screen. It shows the list of all the additional add-ons that will be installed along with the USS Defiant Kodi addon

Click OK

  • Wait while The USS Defiant add-on is installed. This may take a few minutes
  • You will see the confirmation The USS Defiant Add-on installed

That’s it! You have successfully installed The USS Defiant addon on Kodi.

How to use The USS Defiant Kodi addon

The first thing you want to do after the installation is, go to the main window or home-screen of Kodi.

When you are there, click the option Add-ons in the left menu. Next, highlight Video add-ons on the next screen.

This is where you find The USS Defiant Kodi addon. Go ahead and click it to start using it.

This is the main screen of the addon. You will find the following categories for streaming:

Scroll down a bit on the main screen of the addon to explore more categories titles ‘Begin Extended Categories.’

In the extended categories section, you will find the following options:

  • Movie Time
  • Kings of Horror
  • Kung Fu
  • Urban
  • MST3K / Sci-Fi
  • Kids Corner

As you can see, there are plenty of streaming options available. You just need to pick the streaming category you like and start exploring the options. Most of these categories have further subcategories. For example, when I clicked Movies, the following window appeared with the options like:

  • Movies “G” “PG” “PG-13” “R” “NC-17”
  • In Theaters
  • Movies New
  • People Watching
  • Most Popular

If you are experiencing streaming issues or if you aren’t getting enough streaming links, here is what you can do:

Click Tools on the main screen of the addon

Click SETTINGS: Providers on the next window

Click the Providers option in the left menu

On the right, click Open Scraper Settings

When this window is displayed, click Enable All Providers

Features of The USS Defiant Kodi Addon

Here are some of the top features of this addon:

  • Offers multiple streaming categories including the regular categories as well as various specials
  • It is pulling quality streaming links as of now
  • Supports Real Debrid and gives you more streaming options in terms of links
  • Trakt support is also available
  • Works fine on all types of Kodi compatible platforms – FireStick, Mobiles, Computers, etc.

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