How to install XTream Kodi Addon 2019

xtream kodi addon

How to install XTream Kodi Addon 2019

With XStream Addon  you can watch live TV on your KODI right now using any IPTV subscription. Cutting the cord as per most users advise, that it is a good way to try to enjoy live TV.  Please note that with most of the UK on RED alert on LIVE TV if you are watching any live TV in the UK it is good for you then to get your self a VPN.

So weather you have a live TV service for your APK or your TV, then you are bound to have a user id and a password for it to work for KODI, you can ask your providers if they have that or even refger them to this article for them to catch up, usually this means any one that has M3u and running Xtreme server as their IPTV server then you can use the addon.

If your provider has a support ticket system then you can go to the support page and click on my iptv service and check it out, you will be able to get your user name and password from over that section at any time by looking over either user name and password or the prposed M3u Link

Best IPTV Companies Lists


Most of the new IPTV are now able to be accessed with the XTream KODI Addon, Here are the recommeneded list of IPTV services you can use with your XTream KODI Addon

Best IPTV Recommended List below,

  • USA – Playersklub
  • USA – ViewJunky
  • USA – ViewJunky
  • UK – OTTTV
  • UK – ViewJunky
  • Arabic – Rambo IPTV
  • Indian TV – ViewJunky

More Here

any other that is not in the list could be either I didnt test it yet with the addon or just plain bad at their service desk. Leave me a comment down below and I will comment on my feeling on them and I will even update the list if we think they are good.

XStream Addon 2019 Addon Update

The new Xtream Addon update was issued by user that submited the update to Website with the word (Modified version with Series support linked at my name.)

The Latest version is updated PimkPuma. Thanks you for the great effort.

How to Install XStream Addon Kodi

If you are interested in adding this to your Kodi library, you can follow the step by step instructions given below

  1.   Open Kodi.
  2.   Home Screen
  3.  Select Settings Button 
  4.  Click on File Manager 
  5.  Select Add Source
  6.  Type the following exactly
  7.  Select the highlighted box underneath and type Husham Repo
  8.  Select OK
  9. Back to Kodi Home Screen
  10. Select Addons
  11. Select the Addon Browser button
  12. Click on Install from zip file.
  13. Select the Husham  Repo
  14. Select
  15. Wait for the notification message on your device the husham repo is installed
  16. Select Install from Repository
  17. Open the The Husham Repo
  18. Select Video Addons
  19. Select XStream
  20. Now select Install.
  21. Wait for Addon enabled notification on your screen.


Video Guide


  1. I have 2 providers, one is working with this addon.

    The second I can view “my account” details, but gets error when trying to go to livetv, vod, series. I see log says something like action=licence_check. Do providers need to pay for this to work?

  2. I’m lost
    i have all the good informations filled in, when i launch the addon i can see the categories just right but when i want to enter one, i got the xtream-codes iptv error…

    any idea?

  3. It doesn’t work for me (kodi 18.3, windows 10)
    I can see the categories but when i try to enter one, it gaves me the “xtream-codes iptv error”
    url from my proviser is “” works fine on other addons (iptv simple client for exemple) but not with this addon

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